The race is on

Yes, the race is on to get everything ready before school starts. This shouldn’t be a problem, except we also have a huge training weekend for our youth group work the Friday evening and Saturday before school starts and DS has a backpacking trip over Labor Day Weekend.

The first requires a meeting tomorrow afternoon with the lady I will be team-teaching one of the 3-hour classes. She’s great and has everything prepared, but wants to divide up the teaching. I’m looking forward to working with her. I took this same class from her 2-3 years ago and it was very well done.

DS’s backpack trip requires shopping for a couple of items and pinning down the group leader to make sure that all is well organized. Neither DH nor I will be able to go along due to work schedule conflicts. I’m hoping DS has a great time and they come back on Sunday, not Monday. He needs time to catch up on sleep before his second week of high school starts the day after Labor Day. Since  he will be gone and GPID, SIL, and our niece will also be gone over Labor Day Weekend, we (DH, DD, and I) are hoping for a bit of a quiet weekend. I have to work my usual shift on Sunday, but that’s okay.

Crafting isn’t happening as much as I would like. About the only WIP that is seeing any progress is the crochet blanket. I am currently adding a reddish-brown color. Instead of crafting, I have been weeding goatheads out of the back yard, picking the garden, and trying desperately to teach DD how to drive so she can take her driving test soon. She is now driving the car to work with me riding along and then back home again with me in the passenger seat. She is getting better, however, we need to work on parking and some more left-hand turns. I think we will have to put off the test another week or two, but we are getting much closer.

We are getting okra 3-5 times a week and lots of green beans. I blanched three quarts of snapped green beans and froze them today while waiting for bread to rise. DS helped me knead three loaves of dough because my right hand is sore from the miss of the tomato stake with a small sledge hammer. Thankfully it is a case of the hammer hitting my hand, but not catching my hand between the hammer and the stake. I was still able to pick the garden, including our first two tomatoes. Something tells me I will be busy canning Labor Day Weekend. I did pass one of our heads of cabbage to the chickens–we grew the cabbage primarily for them anyway–as something had eaten approximately 1/8 of it.

The chickens are enjoying the extended area to wander in. There are tumbleweeds that have been cut down a bit, but the chickens are still finding plenty to eat. That combined with the weeds we are pulling is keeping them fuller and producing plenty of eggs. We haven’t had to fill their feeder as often, although we do keep it full so they get all they need. The buff Orpington is still in the side pen, however DH and DS fixed the fence around it so she can’t fly over. She’s not too happy about being away from the other hens and sometimes the white rooster, Pollo Blanco, will rush the fence trying to get to her. Thankfully she is slowly healing, laying eggs, and more active than she was right after we found her being pecked to death.

Now I’m back to finishing the color on the blanket as I have two more solid colors to add and a partial skein of matching variegated to finish off the edge. It won’t be complete tonight or tomorrow, but it will be closer. Just like the socks that I have in my bag–I need to knit two more rows on the gusset and then it’s just the leg to finish. So off to get some work done as the next few days are going to be busy, busy, busy!


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