One more week…and the tomatoes are starting to ripen

It is only one more week until school starts for both DD and DS. They are getting increasingly cranky so I’m really ready for the routine that a school and work schedule provides, though I’m going to be busy, busy, busy! This week I have to get busy purchasing school supplies for DS and a few clothing items for school, Pathfinders, and the upcoming backpacking trip over Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, I have visions of more money going out than I’d like. We’re going to try and purchase the most necessary for now items and then in two weeks, complete some more purchases. As DS has grown, sizes have increased and this has caused clothing to be more. Also, his “toys”, like most boys and men have become more expensive.

This week is with Orientation for “new” high school students for DS. He’s totally unimpressed because he completed two HS courses last year and is already very familiar with the demands of the program. **Pause to check “kmail” again** YAY! He can disregard all of the orientation because they have figured out that he already was in the HS program in 8th grade. Thank goodness as that might ease his frustration. He still has to take to Scantron tests, Reading & Math, but those are pretty normal and only will take two separate days. The Reading test is already done and the Math test will be completed tomorrow.

In just a little bit, I have to hurry off to a staff meeting at work. This meant that my uniform had to be washed and dried last night so I could wear it today. I will wash it again on Wednesday to wear to training Thursday afternoon and then again on Friday so it is ready for work on Sunday. With having only the one uniform shirt, some weeks it takes quite a beating.

It's beginning

It’s beginning

Smaller portion of green beans

Smaller portion of green beans

This morning I finished picking the green beans that I couldn’t see last night when it became too dark. All told, I picked 1 ½ qts and they are all ready to be blanched and frozen. We also gave the chickens two heads of cabbage from the garden that something had already started eating on, a bit of lettuce, and a bit of scratch. They should be pleased. As you can tell from the picture, we picked Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes. Some will have to ripen a bit more, but I brought them in so nothing would eat on them. These are the first ones other than a couple last week. The vines are loaded so we should be able to make salsa and ketchup and can it up for the winter. The cucumbers are also starting to produce better. We actually ate one today. I had to peel it as the peeling made it have a bitter whang, but once we did that, it was nice. I slipped slices into my sandwich at lunch. There was one small zucchini that we brought in and one that was given to the chickens to enjoy.

Last night I added a few stitches onto the granny square blanket after getting all the chores done. I should have gone to bed, but I found last week that when I didn’t do any stitching, no matter how small, I became easily frustrated with most everything. It didn’t help that there is tons to do and not enough hours in the day, but not taking a few minutes to unwind and relax just left me feeling like any little thing would set me off. 

DSIL’s birthday supper was well received. We had fettucini alfredo, chocolate zucchini cake, and homemade chocolate ice cream made by yours truly. DSIL added a salad and sourdough bread from a local bakery to the menu. Everyone enjoyed it, thankfully. There is a wee bit of fettucini alfredo left, two very small pieces of cake, and a little bit of ice cream.

I  had better get this posted and go get dressed for my meeting. Don’t tell anyone, but I have a sock in my bag to knit on if I need to keep my hands occupied so my brain will stay awake and work better. Hopefully we will be closer to having a sock and a blanket finished by the end of this weekend, but no promises.

And not to forget: Last Saturday the chickens began to lay eleven eggs a day. That means only one hen isn’t laying. Who’s the guilty party? 🙂


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