The final preparations continued

Friday morning, DD and I made another practice run to the college campus and then came back by the grocery store. I wanted to get all the “running around” done before to late as I had more cooking to do. The garden had to be picked because it would be Sunday before we could pick again. Cookies were baked. Waffles were made and put in the freezer as a breakfast option during the new school week. Steel cut oats were cooked and frozen in a muffin tin to later be put in a Ziploc bag of individual servings.

Thanks to Judy at Patchwork Times in this post, I pulled out the onions that DH had dried last summer, put them in the blender and gave it a whirl. My quart of dried onions became a pint of onion powder. Not all of it was super fine, but it will work for most recipes. I was thrilled to get this done as I am always using onion salt or powder in the cooking I do during the winter.

Fortunately I remembered that DH and I wanted to go to Lowe’s to check out refrigerators–just “looking” you see. Our refrigerator was 18 years old, having been purchased shortly after our daughter was born. The seal on the doors was cracking and causing the fridge not to close properly. The “glass” in the bottom above the vegetable drawers had been replaced twice with plexiglass. Food frequently froze in the fridge portion if it was on the top shelf. It was OLD and we had just paid off our last two major appliances so we were ready to work on another one. We also figured Lowe’s might have a Labor Day sale.

While the kids cleaned up from a supper of pizza, we quickly made our trip. We wanted to be back well before sundown. Our “looking” turned into “purchasing” and we arranged for a delivery for Sunday afternoon.

We went to bed shortly after DH went to work as we all had busy activities on Sabbath. DH came home and slept for three hours before meeting me to teach leadership classes to youth group staff. DS and DD went with GPID and their young cousin to church while DSIL, her friend and I headed off so I could teach an award class to some of the youth group staff. We didn’t meet up again until 10:30 that night. Ouch, that meant I didn’t get much sleep before my 12-hour shift on Sunday!

When I arrived home from work, the new fridge had been delivered and the old one hauled away. The kids had moved the food in and DH and I put the food into the freezer portion. We’ve dumped out a bunch of the ice from the ice maker, however we are using what is being made now. I’m getting used to the new fridge because my food doesn’t freeze except in the freezer portion and the doors shut nicely. It is also .2 cubic feet larger than the old one. We are all pleased.


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