The weekend before it all starts over

You would think that after a hectic and packed week, we would slow down and rest before school starts. Isn’t that what weekends are for? Apparently not! But perhaps I should back up just a bit. All week and actually even before this week, we have been doing our best to finish things up so we’d be ready for the busy pace of college for one and homeschooling high school for the other one. It is a great time in their lives and our household but way too busy.

Picking up where we left off Wednesday, I attempted to get to bed at a somewhat decent hour that night. DD and I had a trial run to make to college so she could get a feel for driving that time of day. One thing–or several things–were missing: the school zone was not fully in use because there weren’t students coming in yet; and there weren’t all the college students racing to their early morning classes. Still, she practiced driving and parking. We decided that she would be best served and less stressed if she arrived 15 minutes early and parked in a space next to a curb. That would leave her only dealing with a vehicle on one side.

After we drove back home, DH who had originally planned on holding over at his work, was sent home as they closed one post and moved people around. That was good news as he needed sleep before fulfilling a promise for later in the day. After DD finished eating the remainder of her waffle breakfast from earlier, I headed out to the back yard as I needed to pick the okra and tomatoes and then I decided that we were going to have to mow the back yard because there was no more time that was available to dedicate to pulling weeds from the yard. The only mower available and working was the push mower. I sent DS over to get it from GPID’s house and started removing things from the yard–rolling up water hose, moving tools, etc.  As I began to mow the grass behind DS’s bedroom, I picked up the board over Blackie’s grave. Three or four mice made a mad dash for the fence to disappear.

After much sweating, a glass of water from DS, and a refill of gas in the mower, I finally completed mowing all of the lawn in the back. However, I stunk really bad, so I “hopped” in the shower and scrubbed down. I even had to blow dry my hair afterwards because I had a training session at work to look forward to in the afternoon.

I quickly raced over to GPID’s because it was Thursday and he would need his bills and receipts to be processed. This meant that DD and DS would have to watch their clocks because it was 30 minutes until lunch and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be done in 30 minutes. I was right! There were quite a few receipts to organize and Excel files to update with new data. There were checks to write to pay bills, and projections to be made for the upcoming month. It took me close to an hour to get everything done.

When I came back, DD was starting her lunch and DS had to be reminded to start fixing his. We had to really step on it because DD was driving to work, she’d be dropped of, and the I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up DH’s prescription refill and pray I could make it safely across town, through the countryside and into another town to work by 2 PM! As luck would have it, I ended up in two school zones, had to wait through a construction zone at a major intersection where they had flaggers managing traffic on a single lane, and then when I thought I had a pretty clear shot from then on in, a farmer pulled into the road in front of me at the last moment on his nice disc. We “tootled” along until I was able to pass him. Thankfully, I still arrived at work with 5 minutes to spare.

The training session lasted one hour 25 minutes. Some of it was familiar from online ppt presentations we had been assigned earlier. We were given the opportunity to ask questions which was very helpful. Afterwards on my way out the door, one of my coworkers who I don’t get to see on Mondays, called me to get my attention and we chatted for a few minutes. Then it was, “hop” in the car and race home to make egg salad sandwiches for supper. DH was taking DD to Pathfinders and they needed supper.

I raced to pick DD up from work and DH headed off with DS to a practice hike for his Labor Day backpacking trip. We all ate egg salad sandwiches and a few other things, then I began my evening of projects. We were out of bread and the carrots needed to be cleaned and processed. Bread dough was mixed and set aside to rise. While it was rising I washed, trimmed, and in some cases I peeled the 3 gallons of carrots. A goodly portion of the carrots were processed through my food processor–ground up so that we can put them in meatloaf, casseroles, cakes, and other goodies. These were packed into quart bags, labeled, and added to the freezer.

The bread was made into loaves and put in a hot oven to bake. I was able to make three nice loaves. And thankfully everything was mostly cleaned up before DS and DH made it back home. The hike took longer than planned because not everyone moved at the same pace. DH was very tight on time for getting to work that night, while DS was sore, hungry again and wanted sleep. Off to bed DD, DS, and I went.

Even though you would have thought that busy Thursday was enough, there was more to come.


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