No pics but plenty of news

I really need to take more pictures but what with the running to and fro, it just isn’t easy to grab the camera and take a quick picture. Time is VERY precious right now. So let’s try and catch up, shall we?

Labor Day was spent picking the garden, crocheting on the blanket, picking up a very tired, sore, and sunburned DS after a great backpacking trip, and baking a batch of bread (we were out again). The garden is producing okra, green beans, tomatoes, jalapeños, kale, cucumbers, and bell peppers still. Today, I pulled the green beans up and stripped the vines. Because it is cheaper to use the stove before 1 pm, I will blanch and freeze them tomorrow morning while I’m also doing laundry. I’ve been drying cherry tomatoes and almost have two more trays dry. Hopefully they will finish in the morning. The corn is frustrating us. Some of the ears, thankfully not all of them, have a fungus of some sort on them and those we have had to put in the compost. Some of it is just now getting ears. DH would like to pull it all up and feed it to the chickens, but I’m hoping we can wait a bit longer to see if any more will grow fully and properly. We’ve decided not to plant corn next year but just budget to buy some. That will give us more room for something  else.

Last night we opened the side pen gate to let the buff Orpington join the other hens. Her feathers are mostly back so we wanted to give her a chance. She spent the day staying out of the way of the main group but we’ve seen this before when we’ve separated a hen out. She and the gold Sex Link that jumped the fence to stay with her did choose to lay their eggs in the brooder box in the side pen, but otherwise joined the main flock. We’re getting 8-12 eggs per day. Thank goodness for that because the neighbor who buys eggs from DS came over while I was gone on Sunday and purchased 3 dozen eggs to take to his sister’s house on Labor Day. He paid for them and then brought us back five large tree-ripened peaches from her orchard. I’d really like to try and make a peach pie tomorrow, but I’ll have to see how the day goes.

DS is finding his Chinese class very challenging. While I’m glad he is challenged, I hope that he finds a way to decode it and speak it. His other classes are keeping him busy as well. DD still likes her classes although she isn’t sold on her Calculus assignments. I keep reminding her to do her best and remember the class is only one semester long.

It has been raining off and on since the weekend. We’re grateful for it, but I sure would like to get the lawn mowed. It rained this morning which made it had impossible for DH to mow this afternoon when he woke up. I snuck in a quick picking of the garden that  included the aforementioned green beans, but I’m leaving the mowing to DH and DS.

Hopefully I will get to go to bed earlier tonight. Too many late nights and early mornings have made me very tired. I guess I’m not as young as I used to be. Thankfully I am in better shape than I used to be, however. I’m headed off to see if a) it is going to rain, and b) if I can get the third skein/color crocheted on the third blanket tonight. You never know. I might add pictures next time.


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