Choices (edited 09-14-13)

Ok, it’s turning into one of those times when I need to figure out how to slow the whole world down for a bit but don’t dare just yet. I keep running and running but the faster I go, the closer to behind I get. Have you ever had a time like that?

So what’s been happening?

  • I’m picking lots of tomatoes, so I ended up making another batch of salsa. This batch has both jalapeños and one Anaheim pepper in it. Hopefully the 8 pints will not be too hot.
  • We’ve had the first Pathfinder Induction of the year to attend and help with. This was particularly of interest as we went back to visit our old club. DS got to see all his friends and chat with them. We visited with people we knew and had a wonderful evening, remembering how it used to be and how glad we weren’t in charge of that anymore. Unfortunately, DS decided to question his decision to be at the new club and so we had to talk about why he made the decision and how he needed to stay where he now is.
  • Thursday morning I spent time (1-1 1/2 hrs.) on the phone with the leader of another Pathfinder club, helping her organize her club’s Induction which will take place this Sabbath afternoon. Then I spent a half hour this morning and another hour or two this afternoon trying to put the notes together into a program to use. The follow up came tonight when I  found a voice mal regarding the candles. I think we have everything resolved after another phone call. We will find out today.
  • DD drove home from her class Thursday like always, however, she took the interstate for the first time. She did really well. A call has been placed to her driving instructor from this last summer regarding the process for setting up the appointment to take the driving test. She has just under 10 days before her permit expires. I learned that evening that there wasn’t much traffic tonight on the interstate, so she drove DH home that way when he went to pick her up from work. He said she did really well. She has since taken the interstate home from school and a stop at JCPenney’s on Friday. It’s definitely time to schedule her driving test.
  • I contacted another friend via telephone Thursday and will call her again next week when I have more time, hopefully.
  • More tomatoes and okra were picked Thursday. Wednesday I sent a quart bag of cherry tomatoes over to the neighbor who buys eggs from DS. No, he didn’t charge for them. We were sharing. A gallon bag was taken across the street to GPID’s house and left on the counter. Friday DS took him 2 1/2 dozen eggs like he delivers every week. We still have plenty of cherry tomatoes. More will be given away to family and a family friend tonight.
  • Thursday I put a pot of lentil pottage on the stove to finish before I took DD to work–or I should say, she drove the car and I rode along. I used up some of the tomatoes, onions, and carrots from the garden. We enjoyed some on our way to DS’s Pathfinder meeting. As usual during the meeting it decided to rain. This is becoming a weekly habit.
  • DS had a great time Thursday night at Pathfinders. The kids enjoyed working with each other and the staff to make boiled eggs and oatmeal. We were late coming home as there was cleanup and I couldn’t leave the staff with all of that. Then, we had a detour because the road crew decided to pave a section of the road we take. This was stressful because it was dark and I’m not real familiar with that part of the valley. Ms. GPS came in handy because I told her we wanted to go home and she directed us back to the road we usually take.

So check out my next post when I tell you about Friday’s shopping and running around trying to get everything done! Was I successful? Wait and see!


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