Quick post again as I have 20 gallons of peaches to peel, slice, and freeze. I received a call this morning asking a question about this weekend and then the lovely lady asked me, “Do you can or freeze?” I was curious why I was asked this question, but answered that I do both. As we continued to talk, I learned she had access to a peach orchard and wanted to know if I was interested in gleaning peaches.

This was amazing to me because I had only mentioned to God in prayer once or twice that I sure would like some peaches to can or freeze then I got busy and forgot about my request. He didn’t forget, though. I needed 3-4 5-gallon buckets of peaches and here they were, being offered for the price of picking and the gas to get to the orchard (about 20-30 minutes away). Of course I jumped on this opportunity. I called GPID to see if he would be able to go and since he wasn’t sure I told DS that we were going peach picking in the afternoon. We took DH’s car with a ladder and four buckets in the back and headed off. GPID came along behind and met us there.

As it turned out, the ladder we had and the one that GPID brought weren’t needed We were able to reach up and pick peaches the size of softballs They are beautiful and will be great to freeze. I would can them except I am running out of jars and still have applesauce to can. I will have to purchase 3-4 dozen quart jars for that project. As it turns out, she also has access to gleaning in a Pink Lady apple orchard later in the fall and will call me when we can go pick those. When I finish this post, I will be peeling peaches and freezing them.

HOWEVER, not long after we pulled into the orchard, parked, and started to pull buckets out to fill, I heard a hissing sound. I looked down and DH’s front right tire was rapidly going flat! To make matters worse, there was no spare (we never received one when we purchased this car 8-9 years ago) and no car jack. We quickly picked our four buckets and helped GPID pick his 2-3 full. Then after inspecting a thoroughly flat tire, GPID and DS drove back to the house to pick up one of the snow/studded tires to use as a spare.

When GPID and DS came back (while I sat in the car praying, trying to reach DH on the phone (he was sleeping after twelve hours of work), and knitting on one of the socks that I try to keep in my bag), they changed out the tires. It rapidly became apparent that I was going to have to replace both front tires as the metal cords were coming through thread. We were greatly blessed that neither DH or DD had one or both tires blow out while they were driving. If that had happened, there would have been a horrid accident. GPID brought DS back home while I headed to Les Schwab as DH needed the car to drive to work tonight.

On the way to LS, I came across a collision and was glad it was not any worse. LS, true to form, replaced the tires and advised that we get the alignment checked and told me that while the back tires were decent, they would need to be replaced next. Unfortunately, we now have to pay off $196+ for these two, but no one was hurt or worse, killed.

So God blessed us with safety and free peaches. Now I’m off to take care of the peaches as I have dealt with the safety issues in regards to the car.


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3 Responses to Blessed

  1. Mistine says:

    I’m glad everyone remained safe and yay to the peaches! I took a trip to GA a few years ago and came back with so many peaches I didn’t know what to do with them.

    I learned the trick to skin was a quick boil and dip in ice water. They slide right off. I made the most amazing pies.

    Enjoy your harvest 🙂

    • We tried the quick boil an dip in ice water, however, these don’t want to work that way. The orchard owner confirmed they are “resistant” to this as well. I peeled all but 5-6 peaches last night in the first 5-gallon bucket and after slicing into quart-size freezer bags, had 11 1/2 quarts. Thankfully these are huge so when one is peeled, it yields lots of yummy slices.

      And yes, we are grateful to God for His protection. We were truly blessed once again!

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