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While I don’t always report all happenings from a weekend, this last weekend has a few noteworthy items that I will want to remember. Anytime you get a bunch of kids together, you have to watch and see what goes down. This last weekend was Pathfinder Camporee for our conference and that meant approximately 100 kids and adults came together for camping, Dutch oven cooking, singing, and various other activities.

Friday was a bit rush to finish up a couple of projects before heading out to Camporee.  Groceries had to be purchased while DD went to Health class. Two dozen more quart jars were purchased to set back for applesauce when the new crop comes in. This put me up to a minimum of three dozen quart jars to be filled down the road.

Not all of the peaches were frozen from Wednesday’s picking session, however, I was unable to freeze more on Friday because there were other pressing items. The tomatoes that had been picked were getting VERY ripe and weren’t going to last. We were also out of wheat/sandwich bread and everything had to be done, including supper made by 5 PM so that we could head out to the campsite. Thankfully, we were only about 10-15 minutes away from the campsite.

We had put up tomatoes just about every way that we wanted for the upcoming winter, just like a bunch of squirrels stashing away nuts. On Thursday, I had peeled, sliced, and frozen 11 quarts of peaches and that was where my mind was. Then, I remembered that I wanted to make some tomato jam and with plenty of ripe Roma tomatoes and a few other different varieties to finish out the pot, I got busy. While my three loaves of wheat bread were rising, I used this recipe from Patchwork Times by Judy. The hardest part was waiting for the tomatoes to cook down. I had to keep busy with other tasks so that I would have enough patience. When all was done and finished, I had exactly seven pints of tomato jam to process in a water bath.

After a quick supper of homemade pizza, we headed out to the campsite. DS had to be there to help his club set up their campsite and we needed to help with preparations. What we didn’t know was that another one of the coordinators had prepared a large pot of minestrone and was making grilled cheese sandwiches for us to eat for supper. It was cool and damp outside so even though we had just each eaten a piece of pizza at home with a serving of salad, I tried a small bowl of soup and DH and I ate a grilled sandwich. The soup was delicious and quite hot. After helping clean up the dishes from supper, I quickly ate my grilled cheese sandwich and we headed over for vespers by the campfire. Little did I know that the evening was only beginning for DS.

DH, DD, and I left about 8:30-8:45 PM as DH had to work that night. DD and I were staying home and DS was camping in a tent with his clubmates. I didn’t make it too late into the evening before I crawled into bed. I had been on my feet for one thing or another since Wednesday and I was plenty tired.

Sabbath morning when DH arrived home from work, he quickly took a shower and changed into his class B uniform to head back out to the campsite. I was also dressed in my class B uniform, which was how we understood we were to be dressed. When we arrived, I hurried over to DS’s campsite with his class B uniform. As I approached the area, one of the girls from his club informed me that he had cut his finger the night before. I wasn’t particularly surprised because sometimes things happen and so didn’t get real worried. However, when I walked into the main camping area for their club, I was informed by one of the other guys that DS had cut his hand the night before with an ax! My heart began to race, though I tried to remain calm. After all, I knew he wouldn’t want to be fussed over and it surely couldn’t be too bad since they didn’t call me when it happened.

DS walked over and I saw his left hand wrapped in gauze from the wrist to just below the tips of his fingers. That definitely wasn’t a good sign. When I asked him what happened, he informed me that he had been helping to chop firewood and the ax had slipped and cut his hand just below the index finger on the top. I asked him how deep it was and if it hurt. He said it was about ½” deep and it didn’t hurt. The director and deputy director came over and gave me the rest of the story after telling me to go ahead and carefully unwrap the gauze and check out the wound. The ax had slipped and cut him down to the bone. They had washed the cut out with an antiseptic/antibiotic wash really good and then pulled it together really tight with steri-strips to stop the bleeding. They then immobilized his index and middle fingers with some tape and wrapped his hand in gauze to protect everything.

The cut was 1 ½” long and already sealed together nicely. There was still some blood here and there on his hand where they hadn’t cleaned it all off as they had cleaned the wound area and were trying to keep it dry and clean there. DS said it had hurt a bit the night before, but not bad enough for Tylenol. (I found out today that he was awake until 3 AM because he couldn’t sleep. I wish I had known because I could have taken care of him—he’s 13 but still my “baby” boy.) As I rewrapped his hand, trying to stay calm so that he wouldn’t get upset either, my phone began to vibrate. It was DD telling me that DH wanted me back at the main campsite because we needed to run home for the rest of the class A uniform as that was required for us to be able to do inspection. I told her that I would be there shortly and that I needed to talk to DH. I didn’t want to tell her first as she gets very upset when her brother is hurt.

I ran back to the main campsite because we were short on time if I was making the quick trip home. DH was quickly informed of what had happened and I asked him to relay the information to the conference Pathfinder Director as it might possibly end up being under their liability if we had to take him to the ER or the doctor. I didn’t want to move on to other tasks as I wanted to take care of my son and was concerned that he would be okay and there wouldn’t be any infection. I trusted the people who took care of DS the night before, but still didn’t want any problems with his hand/fingers.

DD, of course, heard what happened and was immediately concerned, but we managed to get her “distracted” with the idea that she needed to drive me home to get the remainder of the uniform. It would be good practice on the freeway on a Sabbath morning with not much traffic. I told her the rest  of the details on the way, and she kept telling me that DS would be okay, though I think some of that was to reassure herself. When we arrived home, I ran into the house because I had to change from the pair of jeans I had on to my dress black pants, tie, sash and scarf as well as grab all of DH’s stuff. I also had to grab my 12” iron skillet and foil. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my black pants in my side of the closet. DH called wanting to know when I would be back and I told him, “I can’t find my pants!” I looked in his side of the closet and they weren’t there either. I was getting frantic, he wanted me to get back, and then DD yelled, “They were in my closet!” I have no idea how they got there except they were put in the wrong closet when laundry was done. Throwing clothes onto the bed, I quickly changed and headed back out to drive back. Yes, I drove back because we were out of time and if anyone was going to get a ticket for driving a bit over the speed limit, I wanted it to be me, not DD on her permit.

To make a long story short, we arrived back, handed DH his clothes, and joined the rest of the group to conduct inspections. DH had his opportunity to check out DS’s hand when we completed the inspection of his club’s campsite and to hear the story from DS and their director. Later in the day, one of the nurses that works in the ER where I work also checked out DS’s hand and rebandaged everything. She told us that it looked great and we just needed to watch for infection and keep it clean and dry.

The rest of the day was spent in church with “King David” from 2 Samuel, a lunch of haystacks, and an afternoon of learning how to cook in Dutch ovens. The kids and adults had a great time learning this honor. Our group of adults made Special K roast, cornbread, Hungarian noodles, potato soup, and cooked corn and peas. Each recipe with the exception of the cornbread mix was modified to be gluten free and dairy free as one of the adults needed that to be able to eat. This turned out to be a really good idea because there were several other kids and adults who also needed this type of food.

There were lots and lots of dishes when we were all done eating so while three of us washed dishes in our group, the others went out to teach the different clubs how to walk on stilts. This was part of the Native American games they played in addition to work completed earlier for their Native American lore honor. Vespers was held, however by 8:15 PM, I was tired and needed to go home. DH stayed in the RV at the campsite while DD drove both of us home. I had to work on Sunday and still had to start laundry, make my lunch and get ready to sleep. Thankfully, I was able to be in bed by 9:30 PM and get some sleep, though I woke up several times during the night.

We learned that everyone had a really great weekend and wants to go back to this park again. DS’s hand is doing well. Here’s a picture taken this evening before I rebandaged it again.

You can see one blister on the knuckle above the cut and the cut is healing nicely.

You can see one blister on the knuckle above the cut and the cut is healing nicely.

Another view--no scab but sealed nicely.

Another view–no scab but sealed nicely. He will have a nice scar to remember this adventure by.


The bandaids aren’t staying on very well, but we are trying to minimize tape usage or large bandages because the friction from earlier tape has caused him to have three blisters, one on each side of his knuckle on his index finger and one on the knuckle side of his middle finger closest to his index finger. They will hopefully subside in the next day or two.

Oh yes, I finished freezing the rest of the peaches today. The chickens were given some of them because the last two buckets had gotten warm and some of them had spoiled and molded. I sorted through them, saved the good ones, fed the chickens the really ripe ones, and froze another 20 quarts. Our freezer is now full enough that only one more layer would fit in and that would have to be put in carefully. I realized today that even though it is two weeks earlier than last year when I was done canning and freezing, except for apples, we have more in the freezer and more in jars than last year. God has blessed us with plenty of food, and also made sure that DS’s guardian angel was watching out for him this last weekend. There are no tendons cut and once everything heals, he should be fine. God is good!



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