Today I finally was home again during the daylight hours. What an opportunity to a) enjoy a few minutes of sunshine in between school lessons with DS and b) check out the garden to see what was left. Over the last 2-3 nights, the temperature dropped down to 28 degrees a couple of times.

Sure enough, my okra was black and the few blossoms that were left looked like they were hanging their heads in defeat. The pepper plants were covered in curled, black-edged leaves and the bean leaves were no better. They had curled up leaving the beans to hang unprotected in the crisp air. Only an onion that I left growing to see if it would make seed (an experiment using one of last year’s onions) and my kale remained. The kale will most likely hold out a bit longer as the cool temperatures are better for growing.

In the front of the house in my flower and herb beds the marigolds and alyssum looked the best. The topmost zinnias had only the centers still showing and they were dark brown. I stripped the jalapeños off the two plants n the protected bed outside my kitchen window because the leaves were curled up, though not yet black. The sage, parsley, rosemary and catnip still looked good. I’m hoping they will hang in there until Friday when I hope to pick up a couple of bales of hay. One will be for the chickens to add a bit in their coop and one will be to cover the herbs to hopefully keep them through the winter.

DS also noticed that the rosehips are turning red. We will have to watch to make sure the birds don’t beat us to them. DS really wants to try some jelly or jam. Hopefully we can pick them by this weekend and then I will have to get busy. We are also waiting on the phone call about apples. I can’t wait until all the canning and freezing is done.

While I was out running DD to work, I restocked our sticky mouse traps as DS found another dead one on a trap in his closet. I don’t know where they are coming in from, but I know that we will be emptying DS’s floor in his closet and putting foam around the edges for now. Until we replace the carpet and add base boards, this will have to help along with sticky traps. I also picked up another window kit to hopefully give us enough plastic to cover all the windows against the winter cold. It’s a pain but it saves on the electric bill. We also ran out of weather stripping so another package made it home with me.

Thankfully we are still having daylight temperatures in the mid to upper-60s. Today it briefly reached 70 though with the sun shining in the car window, it felt like it should have been warmer. On the way back home from Lowe’s I rolled the windows down partway and enjoyed the breeze.


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