It’s been eight days since I last posted. Oops! We’ve been super busy and I can’t wait or things to slow down. However, I don’t think that will happen. I’m still waiting on word about the apples so I can go pick them and make my apple sauce. I have over three dozen jars waiting to be filled. Also waiting to hear about winter pears and when they can be picked to store for eating fresh all winter.

One pressing job yet to be completed is picking the rest of the rosehips. We have half a container so far but I need at least two quarts. Thankfully we had another hard frost last night (28 degrees), so this afternoon I hope to pick the rest of them. We need to make the rosehip jelly SOON!

DS and I also have to shovel out the chicken coop and redo it. DH, DS, and I went to D&B Supply yesterday and brought home feed, one bale of straw and a new tarp to keep it dry. So far we haven’t had to turn on the light at night as it stays above freezing inside the coop. We’re getting 9-11 eggs each day right now. One of our older  black sex-links is molting but thankfully she is already getting her new feathers.

The only other hen giving us challenges is the buff orpington. She has continued to escape from the main pen several times a day. Sunday she led DH a merry chase through the tumbleweeds in the large side pen and when he finally came close to her, she crouched down so he picked her up and put her back over the fencing into the main pen. Yesterday, she escaped three times into the backyard. After the second time, DS caught her and we clipped her wings again. Not ten minutes later, she was out and back on the patio at the back of the house so he caught her again and we put her in the brooder box for the night to think about that. DS is VERY frustrated with her, but she is still laying an egg most days so we’re trying to find ways to deal with her Houdini escapades.

Sunday, DS participated in a bike-a-thon locally to raise funds for the trip to Oshkosh, WI next August 2014 for the International Pathfinder Camporee. After riding eighty miles in eleven hours, he was very tired and sore. Only two other kids were higher than him–one rode 100 miles and the other rode 81 miles. So far he has raised at least $105 for his efforts on Sunday. There is another donation coming in but we do not know its value yet. With the $195 entrance ticket already saved for (and soon to be turned in) this $105+ will be put towards transportation and food costs for the trip.

The shades of blue granny square blanket is growing. I am on the last four colors–a dark royal blue, a smidgen of a dark variegated blue, a partial skein of white, and a skein of navy blue. This one will be the largest and I am pleased as the recipient will need the size. I did find some more acrylic yarn that may enable me to add a bit more to the fall colors blanket and make it a wee bit bigger.

The S’mores sock has been set aside for now. I will put it back in my bag when I am finished with the gray/purple/pink socks. If I finish the blankets soon, I may work on the S’mores sock at home. However I have some thread crocheting to get busy on when I finish the blankets. I’m trying to use up crochet thread and various yarns before I even look at purchasing more.

And last, at least for now, DD has her driving test scheduled for this Friday at 1 PM. We’re praying that she will pass it the first time. If she does, this will free me up to work on other things–like sewing. I will still have to rise early three days a week to cook breakfast for her and make sure she gets off to class on time, but I will only have to worry after that. We decided that most days she could drive herself to and from class and work. The only exception will be on Thursdays when I have to take DS to Pathfinders and then either DH or I will pick her up to either bring her home or take her with me to Pathfinders. I’m grateful that she has decided to enjoy driving. One “downside” is that I won’t have the knitting time I had while waiting for her to get out of class or off work. Oh well! There’s always a trade off.

That’s all for now as I have a few minutes to work on the shades of blue blanket before cooking lunch. Sorry there aren’t any pictures, but maybe there will be next time.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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