Scooter is now just over one year old. He definitely has not lost his playfulness.

Checking out what DS is doing.

Checking out what DS is doing.

However, he has also taken to snitching whoever’s chair he can find empty so he can curl up for a nap.

"Zzzzzzz...I'm sure Mom doesn't want to sit down right now."

“Zzzzzzz…I’m sure Mom doesn’t want to sit down right now.”

He particularly likes laundry day because he can hide his toy mouse in the clothes or better yet, he can try to hide:

"I wonder if anyone will notice that I'm hiding here?"

“I wonder if anyone will notice that I’m hiding here?”

"Ummm...I think I've been discovered."

“Ummm…I think I’ve been discovered.”

When he’s not playing, he is either curled up for sleep or wandering around begging for attention. He loves to have his ears rubbed and when someone cuddles him, Scooter purrs really loud. We’re glad he is part of our family.





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