Today was the day that DD finally was able to take her driving test. I think I was more nervous than she was. We met the tester at a local fast food restaurant and after filling us in on what she would attempt and the method of grading, DD and the tester went off to see how she would do.

After approximately 30 minutes, they showed back up and the lovely tester who was a retired driver’s ed teacher, went over her mistakes. She was allowed to lose 15 points and still pass, however she only missed 9. SHE PASSED!!!

She was so excited afterwards that she wanted me to drive even though I told her that she should drive more now. We headed to the grocery store to pick up sherbet and ice cream to celebrate a supper and after dropping it off at the house to go in the freezer, we raced to the DMV to get the license. After a long wait because they were very busy, she paid her fee and had her picture taken. The actual license should be in the mail in the next 2-3 weeks.

On the way home we stopped by the insurance agency to add her to the policy. Thankfully because she has good grades and is only driving part time the insurance will only be approximately $41 more per month. Since she is paying that portion, we were both grateful for our blessings.

Another milestone is behind us and our girl is growing up. She’s becoming more accustomed to the blessings of being older and not fighting it so much, thank goodness! Now maybe I can have a bit more time to work on sewing, knitting, more canning and teaching DS. I won’t have to ride with her every day now even though she needs a bit more practice. Now I just have to pray that she safely make it to wherever she needs to go.


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