A birthday tomorrow

Tomorrow is DH’s birthday! Each one is special because it is another year together. I know that sounds more like something to be said for our anniversary, but it really is true.

Ordered for his birthday supper: homemade pizza–one with tomato sauce (cooked off this afternoon from our own tomato juice) and one with alfredo sauce (sauce to be made tomorrow), red velvet cake (four layers this year, but still homemade from a dear friend’s recipe), and chocolate ice cream (two choices–Chocolate Brownie Thunder by Umpqah and some other flavor of chocolate ice cream by Blue Bunny, the name which escapes me right now). We’ll also add a salad for some healthy stuff.

Gifts have been purchased and ordered but since he sometimes reads my blog, those will not be divulged. I’m pretty sure he will like them, though.

Happy birthday, Sweetheart!


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