Flu? Please no!

Unfortunately in the scheme of things, after an extremely busy weekend and a full 12-hour shift,  I came home last night fully intending to eat, relax, and go to sleep a bit earlier than usual. My Sunday night phone calls to family were made and just as I was almost done chatting with my parents, it became rapidly apparent that a quick exit from the phone was in order. DS wasn’t feeling well and shortly after I hung up the phone, the poor kid began to get really nauseated. According to him, his stomach felt “volatile”. He loves big words, so this was no surprise.

When he showed no sign of feeling better, I gave him one tablespoon of Pepto-Bismal. That stuff is horrid tasting but supposed to settle your stomach down. Shortly afterwards, up came his supper. Poor thing had just taken his shower, but thankfully he was able to keep himself clean. The bathtub was another story. Once I was able to move him to the toilet to rest and wait for the next “wave”, I began scrubbing and disinfecting. Thankfully I had changed from my work clothes to some grubby stuff to relax in. The entire bathroom was scrubbed and disinfected within an inch of its life. I had to leave the door open because I don’t do very well with Lysol spray, but it s a great disinfectant and keeps the room from smelling like that flu smell that just makes you feel worse.

DS was able to settle his stomach down with sips of Gatorade and I found out this morning when I heard him back up at 6am that he had only had one episode overnight at midnight. DH helped him with that one. After the round this morning, I continued to wash up the laundry that had accumulated due to DS being sick. I also cleaned the rest of the house that hadn’t been finished last night when I fell asleep sitting up in our bed last night. DH tried to sleep most of the day as his days and nights were messed up from the weekend. About 8:20am this morning, DS suddenly developed a fever so I gave him acetaminophen and water and he slept a good bit of the morning. He ate three soda crackers today and tonight he had two pieces of toast, green beans, and more medicine.

Here’s hoping that he is better tomorrow and no one else gets sick. DD and I have had flu shots, but DH hasn’t gotten his yet. I’m pretty sure DS was somehow exposed this weekend during the Pathfinder activities. We’ve certainly seen enough of it at my work so am hoping I didn’t bring it home to him. He did say that he started feeling nauseated before I arrived home, so maybe I didn’t.


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