I’m awake now…or at least mostly awake

Edited: Originally written on November 13, but unfortunately not posted. Too many late nights, busy days, and sleepy mornings.

After a busy day of teaching DS his various classes and listening to his “live” lectures, DS and I went to the garage to clean out the potato and onion box. DS moved the potatoes to another wooden storage box and I sorted the onions. The Walla Walla onions were already growing tops and were not in a condition to us in cooking. I scooped them into a grocery bag and tossed them in the trash, vowing that next year I won’t plant many of them except for immediate fresh eating. The Spanish red onions are holding up well, but I didn’t plant very many. I will need to take advantage of a friend’s offer to join them and purchase a 50# bag of onions later.

So after vacuuming out the box and replacing the good red onions in one side  moving the divider board–just love being able to make a side larger if I need–I sorted the six buckets of apples that were picked last week. The apples that had no bruises or bad spots were placed in the larger side of the wooden box to store in the cold garage. The apples with bruises and bad spots were placed in buckets and the first bucket went into the kitchen to prepare for making applesauce. The apples were washed, quartered, and loaded into pans to cook until soft. Even with trimming out bruises and bad spots, there was very little waste.

When the apples were processed with the Victorio, the Pink Lady’s had a soft tinge of pink to them. I love my Victorio! You put the hot, soft apples in the top and as you turn the hand crank, you get rich applesauce out one end and peels, seeds, and rubbish out the side. I always like to run the peels, seeds, and rubbish through two or three times to make sure I get all of the pulp out of it that I can. The applesauce was thick, rich, and tasted wonderful. There was just a hint of tartness without  it being overdone. I added very little sugar to get it ready to can. Into the hot jars it went and three canners of seven quarts each were finished by 1:30 AM this morning. I emailed DH at work and told him I just might sleep in an extra 3o minutes as this was much, much later than when I usually go to bed.

This morning the alarm went off and I kept hitting the snooze button until DH arrived home at 6:45 AM. Every last  one of the jars had sealed and so they were labeled with a date and put up on a shelf. The remaining 20-24 quarts that need to be filled will be done next week and I will have to find a place for them as my shelves are full. All I will have left is the purchase of a large pumpkin to bake and run through the pumpkin screen of my Victorio so I can freeze it to use in pie, cake, pancakes, and cookies. Perhaps I’ll purchase one on Friday when I buy groceries.

As for tonight, well…I’m really tired and since DD has a class at 7 AM, I’ll have to get to bed much earlier tonight. I’m getting too old for very many of these late nights/early mornings. Shucks! I still have things I want to do today.


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