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As I pushed the button to post the last segment on this blog, I realized there were two other items that I had not even mentioned. How many times have you wished you could take back something you did and add to it? This is one of those times, although the previous post was really long, so another one is probably a little bit easier to “swallow”. J

This afternoon DH, DS, and I set ourselves to raking the backyard. The leaves were finally finished falling from the trees. Approximately a week ago I had raked a bit into the garden, but the leaves had continued to fall and I had gotten too busy to do more. With DH home on vacation, though I don’t think raking leaves was necessarily something he really wanted to do, we all bent our backs to the task. DS retrieved two additional rakes from GPID’s and within a bit over an hour, we had the worst of it raked into the garden. Since I still have kale growing there, we covered the kale to protect it and DH also raked some extra over where I had planted my garlic. End result? Another task checked off the list and tonight my knees are “burning” from the exercise they received. I’m so glad it is done, though.

I also slipped into the chicken coop, shut off the side pen so the hens couldn’t go in there and lay eggs, and checked for eggs. Yesterday we only collected five eggs and this morning I collected another five. When I checked, one of the black Astralorps was sitting in the corner, so hopefully there will be eggs to collect in the morning. DS’s customer has been taking most all o the eggs that are collected, so it is important to keep them producing. One of the buff Orpingtons appears to be molting and I’m not sure who else might have changed laying habits. With the colder weather, we’ll have to see how it goes. We’ve been feeding them their laying pellets, scratch, and scraps, as well as making sure they have plenty of water and everything is kept clean and warm. Their heat lamp has been running most nights as it has been below freezing. Once they are let out, we turn off the light as I don’t really want to heat the whole yard and pay the accompanying electricity bill. This has taken some getting used to for DS as he hasn’t had to run it all summer.

Tonight with the pecan pie shoved in the oven to bake, I started to quickly vacuum up the dried mud bits that I had dropped off my shoes after helping DH and DS rake the backyard. I finished the house and headed back to the kitchen to check how much more time was needed and to set out the bowl and yeast for DH to make rolls. (We keep the yeast in the freezer until we are ready to use it.) As I stepped towards the sink, my feet suddenly felt wet. I quickly looked down and yelled, “Flood.” The dishwasher was quickly stopped and I asked DS to bring me towels to start soaking up the water. Unfortunately, the pipe under the sink had come loose and as the dishwasher tried to run, it was sending water all over the kitchen floor. Because I hadn’t caught it right as it started, the water had traveled all the way over to the edge of the refrigerator and was starting to go under it. Water was heading towards the laundry room and under the stove which is next to the dishwasher. I opened the cupboard under the sink and found the container that I keep my cleaning supplies in, full of water and overflowing. The box that the dishwasher tabs are stored in was also wet on the bottom. Thankfully, it is coated so it wasn’t ruined, but it still had to be removed and the bottom dried. Under the sink had to be dried out and then DH had to figure out how to achieve a temporary “fix” until Friday when Lowe’s is open again to get a small part that appears to be missing. In the meantime, the join is “tightened” and an upside down bucket with a folded towel on top of it is propped underneath to make sure it stays in place for now. I have to say that I am glad this happened when we were home and not tomorrow when we were across the street. It would have been awful to come home to such a mess which would have been a way bigger mess because the dishwasher would have kept running and sending more water through. God certainly had GREAT timing on this one!


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