It’s SOOOOO Cold!

This morning I was down to 11° outside. Right now it feels about 13-18° outside, but is a whole 25°. Thankfully the sun is shining. When I was leaving the grocery store earlier this morning, it was blowing a very mild bit of dry snow around. Nothing was sticking as I was too dry and windy, but you could see it blow across the road as you drove along. The weather person says it will drop to 3° tomorrow night after maybe snowing 1-3″ tonight. I do believe winter is here and definitely making its presence known. DD wasn’t too keen on driving and has fussed the last 2-3 days about how cold it is. If I was as skinny as she is, I would be fussing too. There isn’t any extra fat on that girl to insulate her.

The chickens now have a heating base under their water fount. No pictures yet. We had to put it in the corner now for extension purposes, but that may change. The heating lamp and shield also had to be removed and the one used last spring for the chicks was installed. It seems the cord had been destroyed and decided to send up “smoke signals”. I was so glad that happened when we were out there so nothing bad happened. I did have to go back to the local feed & supply store to purchase another red bulb, but all is good now. We are collecting 8-12 eggs each day which is great because the neighbor takes three 18-egg cartons each week. I think he gives them to family members and likes to help DS earn some cash.

I hope everyone stays warm tonight! Thanks for visiting again!


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