First Significant Snowfall

This morning we woke up to at least 4″ of snow on the ground. The temperature didn’t change much overnight, but all around there was nice white powdery stuff!

View from the front porch at 6:45 am

View from the front porch at 6:45 am

I love the look of untrampled snow. No foot prints to mar the coat of white. As you can see the marigolds are not completely covered but they are definitely long done for. All of my herbs except for the rosemary have bit the dust. Tonight’s predicted temperature of 0° will most likely finish off the rosemary unless the snow acts as insulation.

When DH came in from work, he and DS went out to clear he sidewalk and driveway. I delayed breakfast a bit so hopefully it would be warm when they came inside.

View from front porch approximately one hour later

View from front porch approximately one hour later

A warm breakfast of biscuits, egg gravy, and warmed canned apricots was thoroughly enjoyed. I just hope the ER wasn’t too crazy with people coming in with chest pains because they over exerted. Thankfully the snow is powdery and not wet and heavy.

After breakfast, we decided to see how Scooter liked the snow. Blackie always ran right back inside. Scooter wasn’t sure at first but he didn’t seem to mind going out on the porch where the snow had been mostly shoveled.

What's this cold white stuff?

What’s this cold white stuff?


Hmmm...maybe there is less on this side of the porch?

Hmmm…maybe there is less on this side of the porch?

Needless to say, Scooter was quite content to come back inside and snuggle where it’s warm. Everyone else is also content to stay inside. When DS went out to see if the chickens wanted out, they stood at the door and looked at the white “stuff” but chose to view it from inside. So far they haven’t even ventured out for scraps. They periodically come to the door to see if anything has changed, and then head back to roosts and nesting boxes.



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