Still so cold!

It is still cold here like much of the country. We are blessed with a working heater and electricity unlike some, so I really can’t complain, other than I still have to get out o the house and cool down considerably when driving DD to school and class. The snow has not had an opportunity to melt and since they don’t clear the roads very well, DD refuses to drive on them. I really can’t blame her as they are snowy/icy and some people are driving that really shouldn’t be. Over the weekend there were a number of accidents including one that killed an 11-year-old boy and another that caused a man to be thrown from a car and killed.

Yesterday, I woke up to -5° and it didn’t get above 12-13° all day. I was inside, however half of my day was spent in front of a door that kept opening to let patients and their families in and out. It was -2° on the way home from work, however it didn’t get below -4°. That was this morning’s temperature. Today’s high was 15° and we are “supposed” to climb steadily until next Sunday when they claim it will reach a high of 40°. I have to admit I’ll believe that only when I see it. After this cold it will feel like a heat wave to get up to freezing.

I sure hope that wherever you are, you stay nice and warm!


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