Cleaning and organizing for 2014

As I have been catching up on blog reading after a busy Christmas, many of you have been setting goals and organizing for the New Year. While setting goals is really good, life has a way of happening and sometimes making it very hard to meet all the goals. It is real tempting to over-challenge myself, especially as there are so many things I would like to get done. However, I want to be realistic as well. After all, it doesn’t feel very good when you aren’t able to meet most or all of your goals. So thank you to those who are the voices of reason as well as those who are encouraging goal setting.

After careful thought, this morning I pulled out the remainder of my yarn stash and cross stitch supplies. I also pulled out the sewing projects that were in the house but not the fabric in storage in the garage (I have been dwindling that down as well.). Today will be a day to go through all of the boxes, organizing things by pulling together the projects that I hope to accomplish in the next six months, setting aside for donation the miscellaneous novelty yarns, etc. that have been given me that I won’t ever use, and carefully packing the rest away for another day.

Once the organizing and sorting is done—hopefully today—I plan on listing my “hopefully” projects to help keep me on track. This will be a good project for the last day of 2013 so I am prepared for 2014. The new year promises to be very busy and stash will need to be used as much as possible as DH and DS have an International Camporee in Wisconsin to attend next August. DH will need to set aside $200 by the end of January for his ticket in, and $700-800 for his plane tickets and expenses—that is hoping that the tickets don’t go up in price. He really needs to go because this won’t happen again for five years. I have plenty to work on so this should be a good time to do this!

I’m off to clean up and organize for 2014. Hopefully I will have a list later in the day. It’s really important that I get this done as I have a birthday gift, a pair of socks, and a sweater that I really need to work on, SOON!


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