Must complete and wishful thinking

Today was busy, but in a good way. Now I have a clear picture of what I MUST do and what I hope to accomplish by the end of 2014. All of the yarn and cross stitch stashes were reviewed. Novelty yarn and “difficult” yarn has been set aside to donate. Several UFOs were revisited and then frogged. Some of them the yarn was kept and a couple saw the yarn head to the donation bin. Patterns were reviewed and while some of the sock patterns have not been listed yet, there are good plans in place to start. All in all, it was a good day. The fabric inside the house was sorted. Some was set aside for later and some will hopefully come out to play very soon. I found the lap quilt and Midget Blocks that I hope to get back to this year as well as a number of clothing items that need to be stitched. Inspiration was found and now I have to make sure to follow through.

While sorting and organizing today, I made the decision to have two lists for each category: projects I MUST finish and soon, and projects I hope to finish in 2014. So without further ado, here goes:

Knitting MUST complete projects:

  • Darn DS’s brown wool socks – I really  need a darning egg to make this project work well. Perhaps a stop at JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s is in order. Otherwise I may just order one from Knit Picks.
  • Finish DH’s wool socks – I am knitting the toe on the first one and the second one always goes faster because I have my notes.
  • Finish DD’s wool cabled sweater – I just have sleeve one to finish and then the second sleeve to go. Next time I make a sweater I’m going to handle the sleeves separately and then attach them instead of trying to pick up stitches and knit to the wrist. It’s very awkward.
  • Knit a wool vest for DS in men’s small or medium size with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Onyx Heather. He needs this for church and the pattern I have in mind doesn’t take that long so I must get on it soon. (Pattern: Peter Easy)

Knitting HOPE to complete projects:

  • Knit 2-3 pair of wool socks for DS. I have the yarn, but he has size 12 feet so it takes awhile. MUST do it though as he needs some more.
  • Honey Cowl  for gift giving
  • Knit one of these tams for myself. You know how hard it is to do for yourself when it is much more fun to make for others who like what you do. I have had the yarn for awhile so need to take the time.
  • Knit mittens for myself (see above). I already have the yarn so just need to get busy.
  • Knit 1-2 sweaters for myself. I ended up frogging one of my previously knit sweaters as I didn’t like the ¾ sleeves and while going through yarn today, found I had enough for 3-4 sweaters. Maybe one of them will be Drift or Taina.
  • Moebius scarf – just because I’ve always wanted to try to make one
  • Second shawl to match one I knit for DD – She even said it would be cool to “match”. It doesn’t take long and when I purchased the yarn for the original one, I ended up with enough for two without having to purchase extra.
  • Knit 5-6 pairs of wool socks for myself as I only have one pair and don’t particularly like how it fits. I have several that I have been wanting to make and have the yarn for so just need to get it done. Maybe Froot Loop socks? Hug Me Socks? Corded Rib Socks? The choices are endless.
  • Lace Cowl for gift giving
  • Lau for DH and DS
  • Simple Chevron Scarf for gift giving – this works up good in single skeins of sock yarn
  • Java socks for everyone in family

So I will stop here, because this list is already quite ambitious and I’m really hoping to accomplish a good bit on several fronts. On to cross stitch now!

Cross Stitch MUST complete projects:

  • Complete DD’s horses – She started this, but stopped because she had other things to do and college.
  • Start and complete Love Sampler for niece who is planning on getting married sometime this year.

Cross Stitch HOPE projects (this is really wishful thinking to be honest):

  • DD’s Christmas Stocking – I had to restart this because the first one was damaged L
  • DS’s Christmas Stocking – Will have to purchase evenweave fabric for this one but won’t until I am ready to start it.
  • Amid Amish Life – I started this many years ago, reacquired the pattern and would really like to finish it to hang in the living room.
  • Alexandre Needle Book – This is a freebie from a French blog that I have been working on using two different variegated threads from DMC for each page.
  • Castles in the Air – This one was started several years ago on Aida cloth and needs to be finished. It’s a big project that still has a ways to go but it is very pretty.
  • Variegated Specialty Stitch tree – Another project that just needs to be finished
  • My Christmas Stocking – Will have to purchase evenweave fabric for this also, but won’t until I’m ready to start it.

And lastly for now, quilting/sewing (and in no particular order):

  • Lap quilt – I may have to purchase additional fat quarters to cut it out entirely. Will check all my fabric first to see if there is anything else I can mix in.
  • Midget blocks quilt – I have a few of these started and the patterns downloaded for 159 total blocks, but really need to get busy on them. I need to learn how to paper piece better as it would help me complete some of these that have lots of pieces in a small space.
  • Quilt/bedspread for DH and my bedroom – I will need to go through the fabric I have to see what I can put together. I’d like something scrappy and old fashioned, but time will tell.
  • Long and short sleeve shirts for DS – He particularly wants plaid and if possible flannel plaid for winter.
  • Pajamas for everyone – They all have some, but I need to make to replace some of the older sets.
  • Dress for DD – I started a summer dress for her and need to finish it before this summer.
  • Skirts for me – I need to sew up the blue one that is cut out and then get some black fabric to make one for Pathfinders unless I pick up a black skirt at JCPenneys with the gift card I received as part of my Christmas.

Wow! I’m not sure how this will be accomplished and suspect that I may have to settle for the MUSTs this year, but I’m sure going to give it a try. The best part is that I don’t have to purchase much to accomplish this list. I have plenty of yarn, only would need a bit of cross stitch fabric and maybe a skein of DMC or two to replace that used, and then just bits and pieces of fabric. When it gets a wee bit warmer, I am hoping to pull the fabric from the garage again and see what I can use from there. I see good crafting times ahead if I work hard and budget my time well around all my other duties. So here’s to a great NEW YEAR!!! Farewell to 2013!!!


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