The first MUST crossed off

This morning DD and I went out with the plan to visit JCPenney with our gift cards. When we arrived at approximately 10:20 am, we discovered that they were not opening until 11 am. Unfortunately there really isn’t much to do that was open near Penneys, so we decided to skip them for today and head to our second stop for this trip: Michael’s. I wanted to see if they possibly carried a darning egg and also wanted to pick up some white plastic canvas to finish another project that I rediscovered yesterday.

Michael’s was a bit over 2/3 of the way back home so we decided Penneys was not going to happen today as I didn’t want to drive all the way back through the fog after 11 am. Our gas use counts for something. DD also doesn’t like to shop if the story isn’t open when she gets there. Thankfully Michael’s was open and doing a steady business. The yarn, knitting, plastic canvas, and cross stitch items are all the way to the back of the store, right past the wood crafting aisles. A thought crossed my mind that perhaps the wood aisles might have a wooden ball about the size of my fist that would work for darning socks. Depending on the price, I thought I might purchase that instead of having a darning egg shipped in for $3.99 + shipping which isn’t cheap these days. I also wanted to get the socks darned and really didn’t want to wait for a package to arrive.

Sure enough, not only did they have two different sizes of round wooden balls, but even better–they had two different sizes of wooden eggs without handles. I sorted through and found a large one without any cracks for $3.49 and NO shipping. With that settled, I did go back to look in the knitting supplies but found nothing that even remotely resembled a darning egg. Of course, why would they want to sell a darning egg when yarn for a whole new sock is better? Unfortunately the only colors of plastic canvas they had for my other project were light green, light blue, and pale pink. I really wanted white, but can use these three for part of the project. Then the added bonus was to find long narrow note pads with a magnet on the back for writing lists (groceries comes to mind) and keeping on the refrigerator. When we checked out, I asked the clerk how much they were, she told me $.50 each. I sent DD back for two more, which gives me four for the year.

Because I still needed some white plastic canvas and I had a 10% off total purchase–including both sale and regular price items–we headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics which was half way between Michael’s. We scored a parking place near the door and headed into the mall it is located in. Again, thankfully they were open. I did a quick scan to see if they had darning eggs and there were none. They also didn’t have wooden eggs like my above purchase. However, they had white plastic canvas sheets and a light yellow as well, all for the same price as Michael’s. I also was able to replace my knitting needle sizer that has gone missing. My coupon helped to make this stop quite reasonable as well.

We quickly drove home and after taking care of a load of laundry, I took the sticker off my egg, inserted it into the “holey” sock, and proceeded to darn three holes. Thanks to using the egg, the patch looks lovely and went quickly. I finished off the ends and repeated the whole process with the other sock. It felt really good to have one item to cross off my MUST list on the first day of the new year:

Knitting MUST complete projects:

  • Darn DS’s brown wool socks – I really  need a darning egg to make this project work well. Perhaps a stop at JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s is in order. Otherwise I may just order one from Knit Picks.
  • Finish DH’s wool socks – I am knitting the toe on the first one and the second one always goes faster because I have my notes.
  • Finish DD’s wool cabled sweater – I just have sleeve one to finish and then the second sleeve to go. Next time I make a sweater I’m going to handle the sleeves separately and then attach them instead of trying to pick up stitches and knit to the wrist. It’s very awkward.
  • Knit a wool vest for DS in men’s small or medium size with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Onyx Heather. He needs this for church and the pattern I have in mind doesn’t take that long so I must get on it soon. (Pattern: Peter Easy).

I can also report that the toe is complete on DH’s first sock and the second sock was cast on last night before I went to bed. I am trying to work my way through the ribbing.

Progress feels so good!!!


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