After the weekend and into “January-term”

DS had a wonderful weekend snowshoeing and relaxing in hot springs with his youth group friends. Innocent pranks were enjoyed by all and though he is sore, he would go again in a heartbeat. We missed him and are so glad he is home!

Both DH’s second sock and DD’s sweater sleeve saw some added work over the weekend. I have less than 3″ to go on the sleeve and almost half of the leg of the sock done. Unfortunately, I was not able to get to any other projects on my list, but I will and as soon as I can.

So you are probably asking, “What in the world is January-term?” We actually call it J-term. It can be a bit of a pain in some ways, but hopefully not so much this year. As part of the homeschooling program we are using for DS, he has to propose a project, write up and submit the proposal, and wait for it to be approved. This year, he was required to either choose a new skill to learn, plan and participate in a community service project, or job shadow someone in his chosen career. Because he is only thirteen, I would have to go with him as well for all 60 hours he must complete in the next three weeks. He has to log every day what he does and for how long he does it. Since this is supposed to happen during the next three weeks, we chose to complete 20 hours each week, or 4 hours per school day.
DS’s proposed and approved project is to learn the wood carving honor for one of the requirements of his youth group. This honor involves learning about the different types of wood available, the different type of wood carving chisels, gouges, and a coping saw with multiple blades. He also has to complete three wood projects: a low relief plaque, a clock face, and a letter opener. Today we stopped by Lowe’s and after a chat with one of the gentlemen in the wood area, DS chose a piece of select pine that is 1x10x48″ and asked that it be cut into thirds. Tomorrow he plans to finish sanding the edges of each one and then begin work. One third is for using the different tools and marking so he knows what each one creates. One third is for practicing, and the final third is for his final low relief plaque. He plans to lightly draw a landscape that includes the sun shining over a valley. I don’t think he will find it hard to fill his 20 hours this week with this first part.
Thankfully GPID was willing to help with the chisels, gouges and coping saw as Christmas gifts for DS. He was pleased with this project and purchased much nicer sets and tools than we could afford. Our expense will be in providing the wood, support, and time to help DS learn. Sometime between the 21st and 24th of this month, DS must give a presentation online and write a “reflection paper”.
The reason given for J-term instead of regular classes was that it is a time when students can to make up a class that they flunked or pursue a passion and allow the school to “align it’s schedule with other schools for the second semester. Most every public and private school that we have talked to will be starting regular classes today so I’m not “buying” this explanation. When we mention this to other people, they look at us like we’ve lost our minds or are speaking a foreign language. However, it must be done, so we will do it. Hopefully I will have pictures from time to time to share as he will need pictures and has been requested to embed video into his presentation.

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