And then there were 13

We knew it was coming, but that didn’t really make it easier. DS lost one of his Buff Orpingtons today. We thought she was molting, but then the other chickens began to pick/peck on her and when DS and DH went out to take care of her this afternoon, she was gone. She hadn’t been laying eggs for a couple of weeks but had taken to sitting on them several times. But today, DS found her too weak, out in the pen and now she’s gone. All the others are doing just fine, but we will keep a watch on them, just in case.

We are talking about getting a couple of Silkie chicks or Wyandotte chicks later in the spring as we still need one to sit on eggs to “replenish the flock” as some of the chickens get older. Time will tell, but for now we have 11 hens and 2 roosters. And thankfully, these roosters are both much nicer than the first one.


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