Second sock well on its way

The second sock in this pair is well on its way. This picture shows the pair prior to stitching time last evening. I truly intended to post pictures last night, but was busy preparing for the weekend and adjusting to one added activity tomorrow that I hadn’t planned on.

Sock #1 and partial #2

Sock #1 and partial #2

I find it very interesting how much quicker the second sock goes than the first. I have always found this to be true and for the most part it has helped with the dreaded “second sock syndrome”. I think it is because I have all my notes from the first one and know exactly how many rounds for each part are required to make the second one. DH has tried on the first one and it fits nicely. Yes, they aren’t quite guy colors, however, he likes the silvery gray and since he only will wear these at home or in boots, he figures no big deal. And since he chose the color in the catalog and not me, I’m letting it go. They are super soft and fit well, so that must add to their appeal.

This picture shows how little of the skein I have left:

That doesn't look like near enough yarn to finish sock #2.

That doesn’t look like near enough yarn to finish sock #2.

Thankfully I have another skein that I can dig into after this one is done. There won’t be enough for another pair of socks by itself, however, I can try and mix it with something else or use it in a different project. Must get this finished soon. Sock #2 is almost to the heel and once past the gusset, it will really speed its way to the toe.



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