So tired and must not get sick

After a busy weekend and a full day of work, Monday promised new challenges. DH had a doctor’s appointment this morning (six-month follow up) which was early so we only were able to get five hours of sleep. This was not so wonderful after short sleep and busyness all weekend. Thankfully, he received a good report as well as his flu shot. However, I suspect the flu shot wasn’t soon enough because he went back to bed today to get some more sleep with the intention of going into work tonight. However, when he woke up–I later found out–he felt cold and shaky. He ate supper and played on the computer a bit and then he started getting cold again. Despite a very warm shower, he came out shaking uncontrollably. When I took his temperature it was exactly 98.6°. Fifteen minutes later after he called in sick and climbed under the blankets in bed, his temperature was 99.1°. I’ll take it again soon here and see what it says. He tells me he is comfortably warm now and not shaking but I suspect he has the nasty flu. He was quite frustrated at having to call in sick when he hadn’t missed a day all last year, but I told him that sometimes we have no choice. He doesn’t like being sick so hopefully whatever it is loses its grip on him. We’ve been seeing so much of this at work..

In preparation for hosting an executive meeting for the Pathfinder coordinators in our conference, I mixed up a batch of sourdough sandwich rolls. This was the recipe I used and they turned out really well.

Hope these are as good as they look.

Hope these are as good as they look.

I’m thinking to serve them with the option of adding a hotdog spread or veggie meat, cheese slices, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and condiments. The ingredients for those will be picked up Thursday and Friday.

There were sixteen all together, though some were already bagged.

There were sixteen all together, though some were already bagged.

If you notice the chicken behind the rolls, this is a wooden basket that my mom made years ago. She cut the wood chicken shape for each end, assembled the basket with wooden slats between the ends, and painted the chickens. I use it to keep my potholders in right next to the stove.

A few more stitches were put in the green sock that I cast on a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, I dozed off for about 45 minutes and then had to wake up and get supper started and pick up DD from work. If I get off the computer again,  may put a few rounds either in the green socks (DS has been asking for a pair this color) ribbing or DH’s second sock that is almost to the heel. Hopefully I won’t get sick too like DH and can update progress on the socks tomorrow. His latest temperature reading is 100.4°. It’s a fever. 😦

Mustn’t forget to add a quick update on DS’s wood carving. Today he carved another letter opener. This one more closely resembles a letter opener. He wasn’t too happy at being told he needed to try again, but this time it looks like one.

It looks small in this picture but it is about 8" long.

It looks small in this picture but it is about 8″ long.

DS took this picture. It is hard to see any detail he carved into the handle, but it slices an envelope open very nicely. I am hoping that he will go back and work further on the shape and carving on the previous one. He did start working on the clock face. The wood is very soft and splinters easily. He had to use wood glue to repair one area where a long splinter came out that he didn’t intend. I chalk that up to learning and am hoping we don’t have to purchase another piece for him to start over on.

Thank you for staying with me this far tonight. I’m off to knit a few more stitches and an earlier bedtime. MUST STAY WELL at least until DH is better. His temperature is fluctuating around 100°. Gatorade is made and in the fridge, the kitchen is scrubbed down, and the dishwasher is running. All is done for the moment.




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  1. Barbara says:

    Those rolls look amazing! I hope you’ve been able to stay well – I’ve been battling some kind of bug.

    • Thank you! I have to admit I’m pleased with them. The bug has been picking at me off and on for a while with low grade temperatures. Tonight I just want sleep which usually helps. I hope you get rid of your bug also!

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