Slow Progress

Due to a busy Friday, I haven’t knitted as many stitches as I would like, but I have added a few more rounds to the gusset of the second sock. Maybe tomorrow I will get the gusset finished and a picture taken of my progress. It is important that I keep trying to complete a bit each day as part of Socks with Sarah! It is challenging to get much done when you are running errands and going to appointments all morning and then helping DS with his J-Term project all afternoon while trying to clean the house for company.

The doctor’s follow up visit went fine, however I will have to make a wellness appointment with him after my birthday this year. That should be fun–NOT! I do like my doctor, but just don’t like tests and procedures. They like to have you do those particularly after certain ages, and I’m reaching one of those.

The nasty dense fog was still around this morning when I drove to my appointment. They keep telling us that it will go away, but today it was even worse and by the time my appointment was over, there was a dusting of “fog snow” all over. Some of it even dared to fall on my way home for breakfast.

DS is trying to complete the final wood carving project of his J-Term. Hopefully there will be a picture before the weekend is over. He has stained the clock face however, after we went and purchased the mechanism, he found that part of the back of the face needed to be carved out so that the center of the mechanism could reach through far enough to the front side. He spent about three hours trying to carefully chisel out a square section that wouldn’t splinter and go through to the front side. After he successfully completed that portion and tried the fit of the mechanism, we removed it and he stained the sides of the clock. If everything is dry by Sunday, he and DH will apply the polymer coating to seal it and then on Monday we hope to reinstall the mechanism, take a picture, and add the picture to his presentation. With no school on Monday due to the holiday, it is a bit of a shame that he still has to do some work. With humidity in the air and slow drying however, there is no choice. His presentation is Wednesday morning online and must be all ready to go. We will need to have it uploaded Tuesday afternoon at the very latest.

DH is feeling better but has kept some very odd hours this week. After being sick earlier in the week, working his regular shift Wednesday night and then staying awake through training for his job, and picking DD up from work, he slept most of last night and part of today. I’m hoping that he makes it through tonight without the help of energy drinks. We’ll have a hot biscuit and egg gravy breakfast when he gets home in the morning and then he can go to sleep.

All of the groceries were purchased for the dinner being served for the youth group coordinators/executive meeting at our house tomorrow night. I was able to find a gluten/lactose free vegetable broth for the potato soup and purchased that along with gluten/lactose free mozzarella cheese. Tomatoes were on special @ $.98 per pound and they are actually nice ones for this time of year. I added yellow onions, lettuce, and avocados to my basket to make “build you own” sandwiches on the sourdough sandwich buns baked earlier in the week. Will just have to put the soup together in the crock pot in the morning and then fix everything else later in the day. With 9-10 people coming over plus DD and DS for supper at least, we’ll have quite a group. Still it shouldn’t be too bad since the hardest work is already done.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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