A new start–oh boy!

Even though I really did not want to start anything new right now, time is running out for me to get busy on the wedding sampler. Yesterday, I measured the fabric piece I had and determined that a visit with coupon in hand to Michael’s was necessary. After the coupon was applied (just love 40% off), I was able to bring home a 20″ x 27″ piece of 28-count white evenweave. Out of this piece I cut 14″ x 20″ and applied Fray Check to the edges. I know many people don’t like to go this route, but it is how I have always prepared my pieces. I have tried zigzagging the edges, but my sewing machine doesn’t always cooperate and I don’t want to buy more fabric.

Because my frame isn’t ready, I will use an embroidery hoop to hold the fabric taut so I can cross stitch the design. Everything is ready to get started. Now I just need rest for my 40+ year old eyes and a day under my lamp to put in all the tiny stitches. I can’t wait to spend time on this project and my restarted socks from the previous post.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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