Out of yarn hibernation but not out of the “freezer”

My heart goes out to all of you who are much colder than we are. Today it is much colder than I like, but when I checked the temperature of the town where we lived almost 10 years ago, I was so grateful we were not that cold: 3° for the high, -5° with wind chill of -27° when I checked and a predicted low tonight of -19°. Brrrr!!! It is approximately 25° here right now and I’m glad for it. And…we are supposed to have snow tomorrow night! I really hope the snow pushes the inversion out of here.

The hibernating socks were frogged and a different pattern cast on (see this post). I have not quite finished 2/3 of the ribbing, but I worked on it this morning and it s getting there. I’m much more pleased with the fabric that is being created now. One thing that DS has had to come to terms with is that these socks WILL NOT be frogged if he outgrows them. They are being made for size 11-12 or to fit his size 12 foot. If he outgrows them, they will be laundered and given to his dad to make use of. I would rather make a different pair at that point plus the yarn may not stand up to another frogging and remake. Plus, these are part of my Socks with Sarah KAL!

Finally, more stitches were put in the cross stitch sampler this afternoon. It is funny how you remember sections of the stitching even though it has been several years since I made the last one. Usually I do not enjoy stitching a lot of red, but this is just so pretty:

Stork scissors are 30+ years old and quite small.

Stork scissors are 30+ years old and quite small.

These stitches are very small.

These stitches are very small.

Fabric: 28-count white evenweave

Thread: DMC #115 – variegated reds stitched one thread over one

I tried to get pictures closer to show the detail of the stitches, but even with DD’s Surface, they only show so close. Someday I will need to make sure that the next camera takes really close pictures. Eventually there will be a second color added: DMC #103, variegated dark blue also stitched one thread over one. I cannot promise too many pictures on this project as it is a gift that must not be revealed early. I am enjoying working on it and hope to keep a steady daily pace on it as well as my socks so that they will both be completed soon.

Stay warm and happy stitching, knitting, crocheting, or whatever brings you comfort on a cold winter night!


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