I’m tired tonight and not willing to stitch or knit because I’ll just make mistakes. šŸ˜¦ This means no knitting on socks today and no progress–even small–on my cross stitch project. Perhaps after some sleep I will be able to get a bit done tomorrow. Thankfully we did have some more sunshine this morning!

The chickens however have a new cover for the feeder and fresh straw in their nesting boxes. The weather has been too wet and cold to shovel out their coop so a fresh layer of straw was added to the floor. I can’t wait until we can clean it out. The board leaning against the front of the coop was propped up again as well as the one by the fence for limited shelter outside during the day for the chickens. I did notice that even though there was a tiny bit of food left on the top of the nesting boxes, nothing had eaten it. That means that the mice must have taken the Tom Cat bait DS chunked under the coop per the instructions of the lady at D&B Supply.

A new seed catalog came in the mail today and it was so much fun to look at. DH and I have talked about what needs to be in the garden this year based on needs: tomatoes for fresh and canning juice, cucumbers for fresh, jalapeƱos for hot sauce and freezing, chili peppers for freezing, green beans for fresh, kale, cabbage for the chickens, peas to freeze, onions for fresh/storage/drying, cantaloupe and honeydew melon for fresh, pumpkin for freezing, okra to freeze, carrots, yellow and zucchini squash, beets, spinach, black turtle beans and maybe even some black-eyed peas. I’m sure that something is missing so I will have to draw it out and mark the different sections off.Ā  We also want to put in two apple trees, one or two peach trees, and a walnut tree. AndĀ  I haven’t forgotten the bed of strawberries!

DS has developed a nasty cough after a couple of days of sore throat. ThisĀ is his usual progress for a cold and/or allergies. I had really hoped he might no get a cold, but too many late nights catch up with us all eventually. Some Vicks on his feet will hopefully keep the cough loose and progressing nicely so he will be in top form again, soon.

Not feeling my very best so I’m going to call it a night. DH will be home and hungry by 7:15 am so must rest so I can fix a good breakfast of biscuits and gravy before we head to church!


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