More snow

It seems that we are fighting the crud that is making the rounds of families around us. DS has been fighting a cough. Thankfully it is not constant and it is loose, but it is making his chest sore. He drinks lots of water and is still eating good. Before he goes to bed he puts vapor rub on the bottom of his feet and white cotton socks on. This has kept his cough loose and we are grateful for that. Two days ago I started coughing when I took DD to work and while it isn’t constant, I definitely don’t have a loose cough. Last evening I felt yucky and my temperature dropped so I know I’m fighting some kind of virus. I took some acetaminophen and felt better. Today went well until about 4 PM when I started feeling yucky again. Hopefully I will feel better soon. We’re also hoping that DD and DH don’t get whatever this is.

This morning we woke to fine snow falling. Everything had a thin blanket of white. Shortly before DH came home from being held over at work, DS and I went out and shoveled approximately 1″ of snow from the driveway and sidewalk. It wasn’t a hard job and didn’t take long, but I didn’t want DS out in it because of being sick, but he insisted on helping. We also put down ice melt which kept the snow from sticking to the concrete. When I took DD to work today, I had to fight the slick spots at intersections despite my studded tires. We came across one accident where someone had been rearended. The people involved were standing around with the car doors open and partway into our lane. I wondered why they weren’t being more careful. On the way back when I came to the last major intersection before reaching me, I started applying my brakes a lot earlier than usual in the turn lane so I could hopefully come to a stop. Because they had not cleared the lane or put down any kind of sand or beet juice spray (that’s their answer to clearing the roads), my studs tried to bite into the ice/snow and couldn’t. I kept a steady pressure on the brakes and kept steering carefully so as not to hit anyone. Finally I was able to stop but I was partway into the intersection. Thankfully the person coming from the other direction had a red light and was able to stop. My light turned green an then I had to fight to get going again. Unfortunately when I brought DD home from work tonight, the same thing happened with LOTS more traffic. It was quite scary for both of us and we were very glad to be home. I guess all the 30+ years of driving on ice in Texas paid off because I knew how to fight it.

Because of the snow, laundry, and a need to bake bread, after DH came home I mixed up a batch of Rustic Sourdough Bread. I love this recipe and find that making it on laundry day helps because the house is warmer and moister. We ate part of one loaf with potato chowder for supper. There was still a good bit of starter left so after that baked off, I mixed up a recipe of Nutty-Fruity Sourdough bread. This took longer to proof because there is no yeast. I used raisins as my dried apricots were frozen and I had nothing else. Instead of nuts I used a combination of flax seed, sunflower seed, and sesame seed. I also did not have pumpernickel flour or enough rye flour so I used whole wheat flour instead. It is in the oven baking right now so we will see how it turns out. It is supposed to be a breakfast bread. I also found a recipe for Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls but with all the colds right now, I didn’t make any. Maybe next week we will feel better.

I have cross stitched a wee bit on the sampler tonight and hope to knit a round or two on my socks as per the commitment to Socks with Sarah. However, I don’t plan on staying up late as I really want to get over this nasty crud. Here’s hoping it isn’t at your house and all my readers are staying warm. I know we are warm, particularly since DH and GPID went under the house and sealed up a few spots.


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