Tax Time

Over the weekend I almost finished the first page of the cross stitch sampler. Every time I stitch this particular pattern I enjoy watching the elegant swirls come into being. This time they are various shades of rich reds. The main motif in the top left corner is complete and I have started on the bit of border on page one. Still no pictures–just tempting descriptions. Hmmm…must make sure I give nothing away.

The sock is also progressing nicely. During a game of National Park Monopoly, all but ten rows of the heel flap were completed. One thing I have noticed about both sock patterns that I have knitted written by Nancy Bush, and yes they are from different books, is that she likes to include the look of a seam down the back of the leg and the center of the heel flap. Most sock patterns do no incorporate this feature. Now, I do have to admit that the first pair I knit was from her book Knitting Folk Socks. This newest pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks. Perhaps it is just the style of socks in these books that she needed to include the faux seam but I think I must find another one of her sock patterns from a different book and see what I find out.

Our taxes are done and filed so now the waiting game takes place. DD’s tax form was completed, signed, and mailed so she is waiting as well. In the next week I will meet with the lady who completes and files GPID’s taxes. I really like working with her because she also helps with projections and advice for the year. It probably wouldn’t be that hard to complete his taxes myself, however my MIL always took them in to this lady and had done this for years. When my MIL passed, it was good to have this resource for helping my FIL/GPID put his finances in order. She knew a lot about their personal finances and helped me to help him. Hopefully we will get everything filed soon so he can join the waiting game. This morning when I was trying to finalize his numbers, I had to spend a good bit of time unraveling a confusing charitable receipt mess. Thankfully I keep copies of the receipts for all contributions made on GPID’s behalf and could narrow down the problem. He will take the copies and get a corrected annual statement from them, though it took a bit of explaining to help him understand what had happened and why he needed to take copies of everything so the corrections could be made. I’m so glad  like numbers so well.

Today I have not stitched or knitted a thing, however my paperwork is done, the laundry is complete until Wednesday, and despite the school website being unavailable for “maintenance” all morning, DS was able to work hard and complete his classes this afternoon. Now to relax a bit as DD is anxious to play with everyone online since DH is home this week burning comp time. Perhaps pictures and stitching will happen tomorrow.


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