Knitting and homeschool update

A quick update…MUST GET PICTURES!

The heel of the sock is turned and the gusset is three rounds in. I was able to do this last night after we came  home from a lovely dinner out for our anniversary. The cross stitch will hopefully get more attention in the morning as I have a self-imposed deadline of the end of May. Since there are twelve pages and I know I will need all that time, I must get busy.

This week has been challenging on the homeschool front. DS attends the state’s virtual academy just like his older sister did. They have been down more than available this week. All Monday morning we were not able to get into live classes–and neither could anyone else. About 9 AM that same morning we lost the ability to access the regular curriculum and it was almost 1 PM before that was corrected. DS was able to attend one live 1/2 hour class that afternoon. We thought everything was fixed on their end and planned to attend the live class Tuesday morning at 9 AM. However, the whole school system was down nationwide. No live classes happened that day and we were limited on access to the curriculum. This morning DS was to attend a makeup session for the missed class on Monday, however the Blackboard system was down again. This particular system was upgraded this last weekend, but we’re not sure if this caused/is causing the current problems.  Not only have the students been frustrated because they need to keep up-to-date on their work, but the teachers have been frustrated as well. Most of the lectures have not happened and this has caused some major tests to be pushed back. It will be interesting to see how they address the timelines for getting the work done. I am really hoping that tomorrow is a “normal” day and we get somewhere. It has been really hard to keep DS motivated what with themes with school access and DH being home this week.


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