Sorting through memories

Yesterday afternoon and today I have been busy sorting through my stash of fabric. I call it that because in truth there is a good bit, though not much to craft with. My mother has given and sent me yardage for sewing that she thought I might use. Unfortunately, there was some that no one would possibly want to use, however I was able to pull out most of the heavier t-shirt and fleece fabric pieces that can be made into tops and/or pajamas for winter. The remainder of my stash is limited to a few pieces for future projects in our home–tablecloth, etc. and one tub of cotton/polyester fabrics that can be used for very scrappy quilts. These are the remnants from various crafting projects or yardage that again was given to me. I won’t be able to get to the quilt fabric real soon but it is now sorted out. I also found some flannel but not necessarily enough for even one pair of pajamas. The good news is that everything is sorted into tubs with lids and I only have 4 of them now. Also, I found one piece of fabric that was a plaid that would work for a shirt for DS. It is a blue and gray plaid so he should like it.

In the course of this sorting, we also brought more books into the house. These were packed in boxes and since DS is reading lots right now, we decided we would let him read our collection. Now to find room for all of them. DH and I have been discussing building book shelves and sturdy desk areas in each of the kids’ bedrooms as they both have run out of space for all of their books. Additionally we hope to do something like that in our bedroom as we need somewhere to put books. We still like to turn paper pages in a book, though we occasionally read a book on the computer, Kindle (DD’s), or the two older iPhones that don’t have phone service but function like a fancy iPod (DH and DS have those). We are looking at phone options as  well because my phone is dying and DS needs to be added with some type of phone. We may end up adding phone service to the two iPhones, but not sure just yet. We don’t use data plans, haven’t had them, and don’t want or need them. Friday, DH and I are supposed to go talk to T-Mobile who is our current provider to see what they have to offer, as we are also eligible for upgrades.

As for the memories, I also brought in the boxes with saved baby items from both DD and DS. The tops those tubs were broken and we knew the bottoms were not far behind. DH went out for chicken feed today and on his way home he stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up two nice new and larger plastic tubs with sturdy lids to transfer stuff into. Before I packed baby quilts, sweaters, clothes, shoes, toys into the new containers, it was run through the washer and dryer. Small dresses, matching shoes, all put together, sewn, or given to us by family or friends were sorted. So many memories were visited, but I’m thankful because someday they will be passed along so the stories with each garment will be remembered.

Now to rest and relax before moving living room furniture tomorrow and cleaning the floors. This week is productive, though not so much with knitting or cross stitch but I will leave that another post. Stay dry and warm wherever you are. We woke to rain and are going to bed to rain. Makes you want to read, stitch, and relax rather than clean and do laundry. But with my chores done, I can now relax.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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