Pictures and quick catching up

It has been most busy of late and unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. However, in the interest of keeping readers informed about what I’ve been up to, I am going to work harder to add pictures of what has been worked on.

The sock needs to be knitted. The gusset has 3-4 rounds on it and just needs to be moved along, particularly when I want to work on other projects.



Right now it looks like a big fish, but when the foot is added (size 12 men’s) it will be very nice. I can’t wait until it is done.

The cross stitch is moving along, however it too needs to show further progress.

Beginning the border

Beginning the border

This is quite a bit but I am hoping to get catch up to my original goal of a page every two weeks. Must get busy so that the goal can be ultimately reached. I still love the color shadings as they are quite rich. One of my concerns with this red is if I make a mistake in counting stitches and have to frog, the evenweave will potentially hold onto the “red” in a light fading that is hard to remove without causing damage. On an earlier rendition of this pattern, I ran into this same problem with a variegated blue. I will have to only work on this when I am not tired and not as liable to make mistakes.

For now I’m off to figure out what to cook for supper as DH worked extra this morning and is trying to get caught up on a bit of sleep. Hmmm…must peruse the cupboards!


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