Slowly back on track

It is most interesting to me how long it is taking to get back on track and make a little progress each day on ALL of my projects. Since I finished reading Cry, the Beloved Country–my reading while waiting for DD to get off work, and since this week is supposed to be in the 50’s, I put a pair of socks that I’m knitting on back into my carry bag. I put a couple of rounds on the sock tonight while waiting. Only four more rounds and the gusset of the sock will be done. Then it is just the foot and the first sock of the pair will be done. I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, DS is daring to grow again. Tomorrow or Wednesday I will have to take him shopping for black trousers and maybe even a pair or two of jeans. His current black trousers are way too short all of the sudden. I hate when that happens as it is usually not the mot optimal time.

The chicken coop has to be shoveled out in the next two days and new hay/straw and mite powder put down. With the warmer temperatures, we must take advantage of the opportunity. With all the snow melted, it is a perfect time to clean out and reset everything. We’re still deciding if we want to add to the flock again this year. Our neighbor who buys most all our eggs for his extended family, sometimes leaving me none for cooking, is in the hospital right now and given his age and health issues, we don’t know for sure if he will go to stay with some of his kids for awhile while he recovers or what. There is another possibility customer wise so we will see how it plays out. I was toying with adding 2-3 Silver Laced Wyandottes as they are supposed to good brooders. However, we don’t want too many hens so not sure yet what we will do.

When I finish this post I will put a few cross stitches in the sampler. I hope to have more done soon, but that will happen only if I get busy and cross stitch. It will be hard this week to stay in and get something done on the cross stitch during the day unless we get some of the rain which was predicted. We really need it so here’s hoping we get it.

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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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