Update and cancelled trip

This has been a very busy week as you probably wondered since I haven’t properly posted this week. We will start with the update:

  • The chicken coop was shoveled out, new straw laid down on top of diatomaceous earth, and a ceramic egg was added to each nest. It seems that one of our chickens or the starlings—not sure which—have been eating the occasional egg. DS and I are NOT pleased with this.
  • Three Buff Orpington pullets were ordered and should be here on the 18th. Since we have now lost one rooster and two hens, we are trying to replenish with three hens which hopefully will garner us at least one setter so we don’t have to continue to “babysit” every year. We will keep them in a large plastic tub with the appropriate shavings, chick starter, heat lamp, water, and thermometer to monitor them in our garage. This means NO cat roaming the garage. Thankfully the pet door has not been installed yet.
  • DD finally has a speech that must be recorded in front of a small audience for her Speech class in college. I was beginning to wonder if and how they would handle that. DH will record it tonight after supper and then they will upload it so the teacher can review and grade it. She has to have an audience of five people age 12 and over.
  • DS either has allergies or a cold or both. He started with a sore throat after Pathfinders on Thursday night that has now progressed to the typical sniffles. I’m not sure if this is a delayed response to the work in cleaning the chicken coop or another one of his “growing” colds. He seems to be growing again.
  • Two pairs of Rustler blue jeans were purchased for DS earlier in the week. We are still sticking with 30 x 32s as anything bigger in the waist just gathers around and looks like bloomers. Unfortunately they don’t make 30 x 34s. You can purchase them online but they cost a small fortune and are hard to find. The 30 x 32s are long enough so we’ll go with them for now. DS refused to bring home any of the black trousers at that point.
  • Yesterday I made DS go to the store again to find some black trousers for church and Pathfinders. He hates to try on anything, however I didn’t want to bring home something that didn’t fit. We did pick up a pair of very nice black Rustler jeans for church, however those won’t work for Pathfinders as they have “outside” pockets. He did try on a pair of George 30 x 32 dress pants in black, declared he “hated” both the flat front and the pleated fronts and that they were too long. I told him to choose one of them or I would and that they would be fine with a belt and his dress shoes. I am sure I will have to purchase something longer soon, probably from the Cop Shop. Supposedly they have pants at a reasonable price that you can hem up.
  • Our neighbor had emergency bypass surgery according to his daughter who is in town. We knew he hadn’t been home and hadn’t let us know he was going to be gone. I kept trying to catch someone at home to find out what was happening, but had no luck until DH, DD, and DS were coming home last Sunday from Pinewood Derby. It has been hard to catch anyone there as I am not outside a lot this time of year. Yesterday afternoon a large dumpster was delivered and sometime in the evening—according to GPID—family or someone was there taking stuff out of the house and putting it in the dumpster. DS and I did see some of the family returning on Thursday night when we were headed to Pathfinders, but because we were late leaving, I didn’t stop and go over to find out what is happening. I hope to catch someone today.
  • The cross stitch sampler is now stretched on a scroll frame and put in a floor stand to make it easier to stitch. I have not been able to touch it for over 24 hours, but hope to soon. In the frame it is much easier to stitch straight across the pattern. I still haven’t added the variegated blue, but can put that off in favor of being able to work across in the red. I will have three pages of one color done and there isn’t as much blue.

    Slow progress but progress nonetheless

    Slow progress but progress nonetheless

  • Lastly, the socks have only received a round here and there and nothing the last two day. My normal times for knitting a row or two have been spent helping out at Pathfinders, proofreading a research paper and annotated bibliography for DS, and trying to keep everything afloat. I have fallen down on the job in regards to the Socks with Sarah KAL. I am convinced it is a conspiracy to keep me too busy. Argh!!! I had even planned to knit on our now cancelled trip, but that fell through. Perhaps I can tonight while at GPID’s if not before.

As for the cancelled trip, DH and I were told to travel with another couple to one of our churches where a new Pathfinder club is being started. We were scheduled to leave as soon as he arrived home from work this morning, however I received a text when I awoke that there were roads closed between here and there due to accidents and low visibility and there was snow in the town where we were headed. We are rescheduling for another weekend in March so that this group can have our support. The trip takes approximately four hours one way so it will be a full day. We were looking forward to this trip to get away and as a “dry run” for the kids to be at home all day before they stay at home by themselves all weekend in two weeks. I even made a small pan of lasagna for them,  but now we will all enjoy it. I was baking it so they would only have to reheat, when I received the text about the weather from the other couple. We will reheat it for lunch and add salad, bread, and vanilla pudding with wafers.

Cooling from an hour of baking in the oven

Cooling from an hour of baking in the oven

Of course, they may change their minds and come with us to avoid being by themselves. DS would like to come but DD says it all depends on schoolwork. I’m hoping she will change her mind since we won’t leave before 4-5 pm.

Now to enjoy a quiet Sabbath with a sick kid, a tired kid, a sleeping DH, and gloomy skies. I am so glad it is Sabbath, even so! Hope your day is quiet and restful. I’ll leave you with a picture of the “beggar”. 🙂



He has misplaced his toy mice and is hoping someone will find one of the two missing rodents. For now he is curled up on a small blanket that DS threw on the floor. Sometimes I wish I could take a nap too!


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  1. any progress is good progress, looks great 🙂

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