Dozing when I really want to craft

The last three days have been very busy with DS finishing up the first draft of a research paper for two different classes. Thankfully copies of it have been “dropped” for review for each teacher. He will need to write a small essay tomorrow about the lyrics of a song for his History class, but other than that we will focus on regular lessons again. Now he just has to wait and see what his teachers advise.

DH ended up getting his tooth pulled after a rather painful weekend. He started experiencing sharp pains early Saturday morning and unfortunately the Ibuprofen just did not make the pain go away. A phone call Monday morning set up an appointment with the dentist for later in the day. Since the tooth could not be saved, it was pulled. Now I hope to get the kids and DH in to the dentist for cleanings over Spring Break, though DD is less than excited about spending part of her Spring Break that way.

A tray to hold 72 potential plants was purchased yesterday along with seeds. I have hope of starting these seeds tomorrow morning. While at the local feed supply store to purchase chicken pellets, I found the small walk-in greenhouse that DH had mentioned from three weeks ago. Instead of being priced at $99.99, it was on sale for $79. After talking to DH this evening, we decided that this would be a worthwhile investment so I will go back and pick one up tomorrow. Hopefully we will get it put together real soon so I can start trays of lettuce, spinach, and kale, as well as additional strawberry plants. I did purchase strawberry seeds to try and grow plants this year. Unfortunately the strawberry pyramid that I had hopes of purchasing and having shipped in has state restrictions. They do not ship this particular item to CA, AK, AZ, ID, or HI. So we will start plants and figure out how to make a strawberry bed ourselves. Depending on how large the greenhouse is I may just use a shelf of it just for an indoor strawberry bed.

A couple of rounds were knitted on the sock tonight while waiting for DD to get off from work. I wanted to knit on the way home however she decided that I must drive home as she was tired from being on her feet all afternoon. We plan on looking for new black work shoes for DD and black work/Pathfinder shoes for me over Spring Break. Shopping will need to be done in the morning as DD will still work each afternoon. She will continue to add to her “nest egg” in savings.

The cross stitch sampler has not been touched in a couple of days and unfortunately will not receive any love tonight.  I dozed off earlier catching up on blogs so don’t dare risk miscounts. I’m getting closer to adding the second color though I’m a bit nervous about whether or not a variegated deep blue or variegated deep green would be best. I have the deep blue so we will try it and if it doesn’t look good, we will frog, order the deep green (not a DMC variegated thread) and try it. I’ll have to post here as to what is decided.

This morning I mixed up a batch of sourdough Ciabatta which made three small loaves. They were baked off around noon in a house that was warm and slightly humid Tonight two of them were sliced and served with pinto beans cooked today in a crockpot. Plain and simple fare but so very good. We added a bit of butter to the fresh bread. The crust was chewy with a nice soft interior that you hope for in a typical artisan bread. I hope to try this again but use different flours and maybe some sesame seeds or flax seeds as well. For a first try with this type of bread, we were pleased with the outcome. Even DD ate more than one small slice.

That’s pretty much all the news for now. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day that will finish with a Pathfinder Club inspection. I will have to get plenty of sleep tonight to make up for lost sleep earlier this week and to get a head start on the time change Sunday morning. This is the time change I do not like unlike the time change in the fall. Hopefully next week won’t be too bad.


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