Road trip and knitting update

Today DH and I went with another couple on a one-way four-hour road trip to visit a church that is going to start a Pathfinder club. The weather was lovely and the view from the church was gorgeous.

What majestic scenery!

What majestic scenery!

The prospects for a new club at this church look very good, too. However, since we were gone over twelve hours, I’m going to finish this pot and head to bed.

The knitting today on the road for four hours going and part of four hours returning involved the second sock in the S’mores colorway. The ribbing was completed and I have started on the leg.

Sock #2

Sock #2

I did not notice the diagonal striping until I uploaded this picture. It will still be okay. You will also most likely notice the dark brown at the beginning of the ribbing instead f waiting until the toe. Apparently I wound this ball of yarn in reverse when I frogged it. I didn’t notice it until I had most of that section knitted. I decided that since I a) am so sick and tired of this yarn and b) it will be under part of the pant leg, I would let it go and get the sock finished.


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    I think that pooling is great!

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