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Today we were blessed with rain which was important for the two apple trees (Braeburn and Gravenstein) and the clover seed that we planted. The trees are both semi-dwarf. I’m not real familiar with the Gravenstein, however DH is and was excited to get one. Hopefully in a year or two we will see our first apples. The Braeburn will most likely produce apples before the Gravenstein. The clover is in a separate section of the very back of our yard. The plan is to let it grow up a bit and then let the chickens in to eat it down before letting it grow back up. This will be fine as the shed will be the only building and it is fenced off with a bit of a gate between that section and the chicken pen. Future tree additions will definitely include a peach tree, a walnut tree, and DH wants a mulberry tree which will most likely go in or near the chicken pen.

As for adding a color, I attempted to take pictures, however the fabric looks creamy in the picture and it is white! I have started adding the blue variegated thread (DMC #103). I am not sure if I like it with the red variegated thread (DMC #115), however, neither of these pictures show how rich the red is and the true shade of the blue. If we can get a decent sunshine day, perhaps I can get a picture that shows the true colors. I considered using a dark forest green instead of the blue, but was concerned that it might look “Christmasy” which was not a look I wanted.

Progress as of 03/26/14

Progress as of 03/26/14

This section covers the first three pages of the pattern, Love by Papillon Créations and a bit–very little bit–of the top of pages four and five. This is the third time I have stitched this design and I still really like it. Today I was able to stitch along on the top border adding the blue all the way to the top right corner. My hope is to complete the blue down the right side and the start adding the blue zigzag to the second inner border. I can’t wait to roll it down and start the next section. There are 12 pages in all complete with personalization areas. I will add the initials and last name, but hold off on any dates at this time.

One thing I am being reminded of as I stitch is that my “older” eyes are struggling with one thread over one on 28-count evenweave. Most of the time I take my bifocals off and work rather close. I will have to admit this was a bit of a challenge with the last one I stitched, too. Today I surfed the Internet looking for a magnifying glass that would help as I have a lovely floor lamp with bright bulb that has helped immensely. I will search a bit more before making a final decision but am leaning towards this one. I think this would work well on my frame as well as when I like to go “portable” with a project.

Last but certainly not least, the brown “S’mores” socks have received a few more rounds while I have waited for DD to get off work this week. Because there is no significant or noticeable progress, I have not taken a picture. My hope is to be posting an FO to the Socks with Sarah thread on Ravelry sometime soon. Must get busy!


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  1. Brigitte A. says:

    Your are stitching on a beautiful project. And all over one, wow, that is brave. I’m not really an over one stitcher but when there are sections in a sampler that require over one stitching I do it but only with a magnifier glass. Without it would be impossible.
    You will love your Grafensteiner apples, they are delicious.

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