Testing the new keyboard and battery

YAY! My new keyboard and battery came in the mail this morning and after looking up a video and the manual + tears from DD when she didn’t understand what was happening because the old keyboard would not come off (it helps if ALL the screws are removed), I am now using the newest replacements. Here’s a picture of the new keyboard–please ignore the mouse pad area which still works but the “finish” has started to go away:

So pretty and new

So pretty and new

We also found out that the hard drive is a SATA drive and can be upgraded as well as the CDR/Write and even the memory can be updated–increased. Now to see how long the battery will let me push it before needing another recharge. And a certain cat had better keep his distance as HE is the reason that the keyboard was replaced. I haven’t had an “I” key for quite awhile thanks to his naughtiness. He was curious about the whole process but was kept away because we don’t want to go through this again for awhile.

Now I’m off to finish cleaning, etc. as it is Friday and tonight at sundown starts Sabbath. Must clean and cook for tomorrow.


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