April Showers

It is no April Fool’s joke that we have April coming in with showers! I had hoped that DH and/or DS would be able to finally mow the front lawn at least and possibly the back, however the rain has decided differently. We started with sprinkles this morning and by noon we progressed into a steady downpour. While we badly need the rain and I am not objecting to a day full of school and knitting, the lawn is growing up quickly. To make matters potentially worse, the lovely weather person has dared to predict a 50% chance of Rain/Snow Showers for tonight! Unfortunately this could be possible as it was 38° when I took DD to work at 1 PM and it is 42° with a wind chill of 37°. We haven’t had near the snow that most of the country has had this winter, but like most everyone else, I’m ready for spring and planting the garden.

To quickly update everything, the chicks continue to grow. They are eating lots and drinking lots of water. If the weather will moderate a bit, we should be able to raise the heat lamp but right now they are still needing it. The older hens are slowly starting to lay eggs again. Instead of hoping we would get four eggs, we are starting to see seven eggs a day. Thankfully this is in time for our neighbor who is starting to buy the again.

DH enjoyed two weeks off in March. They weren’t consecutive, but still enjoyed. Yesterday he started back after a week of vacation. Shortly after he left for his evening/night shift, I was helping DS prepare water for the chicks and realized that the pipe under the sink had come loose again. After a quick mop up of the kitchen floor and the cupboard under the sink, I put the pipe back together and for now have it “propped up”. This is NOT an ideal situation but will work until DH can properly fix the problem. Thankfully he and his dad do all the plumbing so we can do our best to avoid a plumber’s charges.

The S’mores colorway socks are slowly progressing. I am trying hard to stick to them so that I can call them done. The pattern is easy to continue without looking at the directions constantly which makes it a great portable project. I’m just ready to move on to other projects. The green socks have not been touched in a bit. I will try to work on them when I am done with the S’mores pair. DD’s sweater is calling to me again and so perhaps I will finish the first sleeve and start the second. I considered frogging the sleeve ad making it all stockinette, but the cable down it comes all he way down from the neckline. So I just need to buckle down and get it done. Too bad it isn’t a real portable project between the size and the charts for two different cables. Unfortunately there are no new pictures of any of my projects. Perhaps next time.


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