“I’m done.”

Last Sunday, DS joined his Pathfinder club for a 40-mile mountain bike ride partially through the mountains north of here. The trail the director chose was an established mountain bike trial, though there were some areas at the beginning that still had packed snow and ice on it. Thanks to intermittent maintenance, there was squishy mud and pot holes of varying sizes. DH traveled with them driving the car full of water and checking in kids at various pit stops along the way. DS rode his dad’s mountain bike that they had worked on. All in all the trip went well, though he ended up having a flat tire which required replacing the bike tube. Even our friend Slime would not solve the problem. Because he was three miles out from a pit stop at that point, he had a “nice” walk to the next one. This was followed by the bike chain coming off the gears when he hit another pot hole. After carefully refitting the chain to the gears, he rode on. At about the halfway point while coming in to another pit stop, he landed in the next pot hole which sent him off the bike and pinned his leg in the hole temporarily. Must have been a bit of a big one as he is not short by any stretch–he’s taller than I am. While one of the other club members came running back to see what had happened, he climbed back on the bicycle and rode it to the stop. Turning to DH, he said, “I’m done.” His legs were burning, his hand was blistered and 20 miles was enough for him. About half of the other club members gave in at that point so putting them in cars, the adults drove to the remaining pit stops to keep pace with the rest until everyone ended up at a hot springs. Bikes were loaded into and onto vehicles or trailers, swimsuits and trunks were donned, and all enjoyed some relief from the sore muscles gained through their endeavors. Still, everyone had a great time and the remaining 20 miles will be achieved over the


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