Risky business!

In the interest of preserving the identity of the recipients of the cross stitch sampler, it has become very risky to even consider posting any further pictures. The personal details are starting to be added. I can say that the scrolls of fabric have been rolled and I am now working on the second panel or next three pages. As I work through the design, it is very easy to remember what the other two looked like and how I went about them. Unfortunately, that does not guarantee the occasional stitch that has to be frogged. I do not understand how someone my age can miscount to 11! 🙂

In other news–oh boy, that sounded like I was trying to write an article for DS’s Literary Analysis & Comparison newsletter on MacBeth–the ‘Smores socks are coming along much better. These are one of the pairs of socks I am working on for the Socks with Sarah KAL. Thanks to two mornings of sitting and waiting while DS took his new SBAC tests (they replace the ISATS), I was able to finish the leg of sock #2 and during this morning’s wait, I finished the heel flap. The heel turn was started but gently interrupted by a conversation with three other mothers who were also waiting on their sons. So once we returned home and lunch was put on the table, I finished the heel turn then ate a quick bite. The gusset stitches were picked up while waiting on DD to get off work tonight and all is set to work through the gusset to the foot and then the toe. I can’t wait until these are done!

Tomorrow I will finally be able to start weeding the flower beds in the front of the house. I have been wanting to work on them as the weather is a bit warmer, however the lovely tests for DS to precedence. However, if I don’t get busy, the weeds–including dandelions–will take over and it will be a never ending battle. Why is it that the flowers are so slow to come back but the weeds flourish at the first sign of rain and sun? Even better yet, GPID informed me tonight that the canal now has a bit of water in it so we should soon be able to water with canal water again which is my favorite for the front. I love to flood the yard, though it means that it has to be mowed more often. Right now we are having to mow it at least once a week and since his riding lawn mower is needing the carbureter taken apart or whatever else he will need to do to address the “misfiring” problem, we are mowing with a push  mower. I don’t mind because it is great exercise. Thankfully, neither does DS.

Yesterday the buff Orpingtons passed the one month mark. They are getting bigger and need their picture taken. Even our little Silkies are growing up though they are much smaller than the buffs. The Silkies are only one week younger. Hopefully at the two-month mark it will be warm enough outside to put them in the side pen for 2-4 weeks before we integrate them into the older flock. It will be interesting to see how they get on. Some of our oldest hens are not laying as often, though the eggs are nice and big. They are two years old and from what I have read, some of them may be running out of eggs. I don’t know for sure. I am happy to report that most of them are through the molting process and we are getting 7-8 eggs per day from 11 hens. The last two days we have seen a consistent 8 eggs so we are thankful.

And finally, my second tray of seeds are coming up nicely in my tiny greenhouse in the dining room. Everything is up even just a little bit except for my strawberry seeds. They are a bit of an experiment, but I am really hoping that at least a few of them grow. I am anxious to till the garden and put in the lettuce, peas, kale, beets, carrots, salad greens, and other early crops that will do fine even if we drop to freezing. Since our nights are still cool, that is all we can plant until after Mother’s Day.


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