Letting go

DS is growing into a wonderful young man. He is becoming more and more independent which is good to see. However, letting go of the idea that he needs me lots and lots is a struggle. Still, we are working through it. I am VERY proud of him and just want to share a few pictures of what he has been doing.

These first few are from last Sunday before he started on the mountain bike ride. DH took these pictures which I finally got copies of yesterday and edited today for publishing here.

Almost ready to take off for 26 miles of riding

Almost ready to take off for 26 miles of riding

Let's get going, guys!

Let’s get going, guys!

Notice the fingerless mitts on his hands? I didn’t know he was going to take them, but those were knitted for him last fall. He uses them to keep warm and DH told him to take something to keep his hands warm. The day started out quite cool as they were up in the mountains. One of his fellow bikers has admired these mitts.

Hmmm...maybe this will be harder than I thought!

Hmmm…maybe this will be harder than I thought!

DS had a great time and completed 26 miles. He wasn’t in quite as good of shape as he thought, but still he did three miles more than the father that helped him change his flat tire. Partway through the ride he passed off the mitts and hoodie off to DH in the car as they moved lower in elevation and the day warmed up.

After a full week of school and some state assessments which we won’t discuss at this point (We’re not worried about his scores as they won’t be returning any scores this year due to this being used as a field test/baseline.) last night DS attended his Pathfinder meeting with the same kids and adults that he made the mountain bike ride with. It was his turn to provide the devotional talk as part of his class work requirements. He had been working on his talk for two weeks and was sure that he could read the introductory story without busting into laughter. I, on the other hand, was pretty sure that he wouldn’t make it very far into the story because it was funny in a twisted sort of way, particularly to a teenage boy. We agreed that IF he could not read the story without laughing, I would read it and then he would give the devotional thoughts he had prepared.

Last night the weather was still nice (before the rain/wind storm we had) so they chose to go outside onto the lawn by the school playground to share. DS proceeded to try and read his story without laughing, HOWEVER he didn’t make it more than a couple of sentences in before handing the book off for me to read it.

Mom,  I can't keep a straight face and I really need to.

Mom, I can’t keep a straight face and I really need to.

This story was about a college student who had an opportunity to order free food from a fellow student who worked at a local fast food restaurant and closed at night. One night he decides to order a chili cheese burrito and it arrives after midnight when his classmate gets home from work. He enjoys it never once imagining that in less than six hours he will be “paying” for his choice. The author of this story has an exceptional way with words and as he tells the story, anyone who has ever had food cause them intense pain and agony can totally relate. And if you haven’t, you were not left in any doubt as to what it felt like. In the telling of his story, which was written especially for teens, the author cannot help but make you chuckle, particularly if you are a teenage boy. You would just have to read it for yourself. Most of us would not think this to be funny, but he made it extremely amusing in the telling and descriptions. Devotional Talk 041714bOnce I completed that part of the story, DS went on to give his talk about Christian behavior and healthful living and how the two work together. I particularly liked how he worked to engage the other kids and adults in interaction and discussion about the topic. Later he tried to figure out how to tell me that he really doesn’t want me to teach him other than when I am homeschooling him because he “likes his space”. While my heart is a bit sad that he doesn’t need me so much, I am working on letting him go because he needs me to let him grow. And I’m proud of him for this! We’re working through it and hopefully letting go will get easier as we go along.


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