One month old

The buff Orpingtons turned one month old this week. They are growing by leaps and bounds. I suspect that we won’t be able to keep them in the tub the whole two months as they are trying to spread their wings and fly. One of them really likes to get on top of the water dispenser right next to the wire on top.

What mischief can we get into today?

What mischief can we get into today?

The Silkies also turned three weeks old this week. You can see that they are quite a bit smaller than the buffs, though that is to be expected since they are bantams. We don’t know if they are hens or roosters or a mixture. The buffs are supposed to all be hens. However, only time will tell the truth of what we have. When we check them sometimes, we find them all snuggled down together with the larger buffs snuggling the Silkies. If they all turn out to be hens and nurturers/brooders, we will definitely have to watch how many eggs they sit on.

Let's hide--I'm not ready to have my picture taken today--my face and feathers aren't done!

Let’s hide–I’m not ready to have my picture taken today–my face and feathers aren’t done!

We are pretty sure that of our eleven older hens, three to five of them are either not laying or are taking turns occasionally laying an egg. We see 6-8 eggs every day from 11 hens. We still have one Rhode Island Red, one buff Orpington, two black Sex-Links, and one black Astralorp from the original flock when we started raising chickens two years ago, but we’re not sure who is laying when. The comb of the buff Orpington is bright red, so we suspect that she is not laying at all. The others we catch sitting in the nests on occasion. Unfortunately, I am not sure who lays which egg(s) so we will have to wait them out. Meanwhile, our two roosters are tending their flock nicely. Hopefully the new chicks when they get older will eventually integrate nicely into the flock. I must also remember to remind DH that we need to get busy on the expansion of the coop to accommodate them. The list of “honey-dos” never ends. 🙂

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