It’s over

For the past two weeks I have been dreading my birthday! None of my birthdays have bothered me overly before, but as I got closer to this one, I was just hoping it would go away or we could ignore it. Of course, with family here I was the last one to turn the big 5-0 so they wanted to have a party. DH and DSIL along with her friend who is also really nice plotted and planned and teased unmercifully. I finally just started ignoring the whole idea of a party and concentrated on getting through this birthday. Last Saturday night we celebrated since I had to work on my birthday this year. I think working on my birthday was good because I “got over it” by concentrating on the needs of patients at work and helping my coworkers.

DH knows how much I like pink roses, particular miniature ones. Again this year, he had some beautiful ones Fedexed in and they were waiting on the front porch when the kids and I arrived home from church. DD and DS knew something was coming so DS quickly grabbed the box and took it in the house. However because the box was marked “Live Plant” I chose to open it. See how lovely they are:

Some of the blossoms have opened up more.

Some of the blossoms have opened up more.

A closer view

A closer view

I love the little purple bucket that they came in. When it gets a bit warmer, however I will be planting these in the front flowerbed near the roses DH got for my birthday last year.

Speaking of the flowerbed, I decided this week would be my focus week on weeding the flowerbeds in the front of the house. Last Thursday or Friday I weeded the bed in front of DD’s window and it looked so nice. It was also easier for DH and DS to mow around it and weed whack the edges. This morning, I cleaned out the triangular bed in front of the dining room and kitchen. It looks a little bare at the moment, but there are no more dried up marigold plants, grass clumps, or straggly herbs. The marigold plants and grass clumps were dug up and put in the garbage along with what I think might have been some “wildflowers” that looked spindly. All that is left are three mint plants, one parsley clump, one catnip clump that was trimmed back severely, last year’s miniature rose, and two sage plants. Everything was trimmed and dead/dry parts removed. Now we will be all ready to add more herbs from my trays in my small indoor greenhouse. I have oregano, basil, dill, thyme, spearmint, and cilantro started. I also need to get a tray of flowers started, but may just buy a few plants instead. I need to research perennials as I hate starting something new every year. I could put bulbs in this bed, but don’t really want them there. We have our daffodils out further in other areas that need color and “life”.

DH took pictures of apple blossoms on our trees yesterday when he and DS were mowing and trimming the lawn. I am hoping that we don’t get down to freezing again, though I don’t really expect the apples to be much this year. It is the first year and I would prefer that the trees concentrate on growing. P1020201For those that celebrate Easter, I hope that your day was filled with family and reflection on the sacrifice that Jesus made for each one of us and His resurrection!


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