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The socks that I have been knitting for DS are still being knit on. Amazingly enough, I have finally finished the gusset and am on the size 12 foot. I really want these socks DONE! DS is already trying to figure out a way to make sure that I have to knit this yarn again, but I have told him, NO WAY!!! I have plenty of other lovely yarn that I want to knit and this yarn will soon have seen its very last incarnation if I have my way. Unfortunately, the green socks for DS have not been touched. I did go up to Ravelry to visit the Socks with Sarah KAL thread for inspiration. There are so many lovely socks posted.

Knitting time is a struggle these days. My usual time for knitting while waiting for kids is not happening because I am rushing out the door later than usual to go pick DD up from work. This is because DH’s schedule is so varied that planning ahead sometimes takes a back seat to just trying to get it all done. I was fortunate to have an extra hour or so on Monday while the winter treads were being taken off the car. Unfortunately, two of the summer tires did not make it back on the car as two new tires had to be purchased and installed. That blew my changes of catching up on expenses. I am sorely tempted to use the gift card I received for my birthday to help catch up but I don’t want to answer to the givers of the card for that and I am sure they will eventually ask. Of course, I could spend it on crafting items, however I’m not sure which ones, so for now I’ll just “sit” on it.

Last night I taught at Pathfinders again. I have not committed to a full time staff position, even though they would love me to. I was asked to fill in for the missing/not replaced yet counselor for my son’s unit. This unfortunately was not what any of us had planned. He would prefer that someone else teach as I teach him all day in his regular school curriculum. The young lady in his unit (there are just the two of them) attends a charter school during the day and by the time she arrives at Pathfinders, she has sat long enough. Still we were able to complete all but two of the requirements for the Stewardship Honor and fill in some areas on the Fire Building and Camp Cookery Honor. She will need to speak with either the pastor or a deacon of her church regarding the remaining requirements for the first honor and will hopefully be able to complete most if not all of the remaining requirements with her dad on the second one. There is other material that we will have to cover during the next meeting when classwork is done, but we will get her through. I really hope that they find a counselor before the new season starts in August/September. I love teaching, but DS is truly not at all tickled at the long term prospect of me teaching his unit.

DH has a job interview on Monday and we are praying that if God wills it, he will do well and be offered the position. He would still be working for the State, but he would be teaching again. The shift would be Monday through Friday with weekends and holidays off. The pay would be a bit better as well. And, he would not have overtime. This would be nice as he has been having to stay late or come in early 1-2 times a week for the last several weeks. This means that he is very tired and it is hard for us to accomplish any of the spring tasks around the house. So we are hoping there is a real possibility of change.

Today after completing schoolwork, DH (who was still waking up) and DS headed out to tackle the lawn. DH drove the riding lawn mower over from GPID’s across the street and DS brought over the weed whacker. Unfortunately, the weed whacker ran out of string so he had to bring over the hand mower and use it for trimming. The yard looks better; we just need to complete the trimming, mow around the outside of the fence and weed whack it, plow/till the garden, and I need to finish pulling weeds. The flowerbed with the roses in it next to the driveway was weeded yesterday. Now I need to weed the one on the other side and then tackle the front area where the alyssum was and near the daffodils. Hopefully I won’t have to run so many errands this next week and can catch up on the weeding. I also have to flood the beds with irrigation water to make the weeding easier. I did plant my miniature rose that DH gave me for my birthday in the front flowerbed near the one from last year. A water wall was also installed around it to protect it while acclimatizing to a flowerbed instead of a very small pot. The rose was starting to wilt and wither despite watering so it was time to move it outside.

I am sure there is more to share, however I will stop for now. DH is leaving for work soon and a pear and an apple need to be sliced for him to take as well as other “goodies” put together. If you have stayed with me this long, thank you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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