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I’m not sure if WordPress and I can be “friends” tonight. For the past week, every time I logged in to the Reader, it would send me to a page asking me to start a new blog. I do good to keep up with this blog, so didn’t want to start a new one. Finally tonight, I had to relog into my account again and then figure out how to get to the Reader. Hopefully all is working again because I didn’t get the “encouragement” to start a new blog.

So on with the FO. Yes, the S’mores socks are finally done! Actually they were finished last Friday but a certain young man did not want to try them on for pictures because he was always busy with something. Tonight I finally obtained a couple of pictures after which he went off to play on his computer. So with no further delay, here is the first pair of finished socks for the Socks with Sarah KAL:

Hurry Mom! I have things I need to be doing.

Hurry Mom! I have things I need to be doing.

You will notice that the cuff of one and the toe of the other have a solid dark brown section. This is because the previous rendition of socks made from this yarn required some solid yarn added because DS’s feet are size 12. DS says (in between busy teenage boy stuff) that he likes them and they haven’t come back off so we’re good to go.

Sock #1 of pair #2 was knitted on while waiting for DD to come out from work. Unfortunately, it has been a bit since I worked on these and after knitting two rows, I realized that the first of the two was done wrong and so I will have to tink those two rows either later tonight or tomorrow. Unfortunately, the mistake will be too obvious in the pattern. The last time I worked on them you will remember this picture:

Progress as of 04-05-14

Progress as of 04-05-14

I have only added the two rows today and since they will have to be tinked, I decided not to take a picture. Hopefully I will have an updated picture by the end of the week.

After finishing the S’mores socks, I decided it was time to cast on a pair for me over the weekend. These are Pair #3 for the Socks with Sarah KAL. It has been decided that my sock drawer needs some additions, so I cast on a pair of Florenz socks following this color pattern. I have admired this combination ever since it was first posted back in 2008 but have not taken time to make them. Now I will. The yarn is Knit Picks Palette in Mint, and Blue. I am using a 40″ Knit Picks fixed circular needle in size 0. Since the lady who inspired my color choice used the Magic Loop method for knitting these, I am trying it out. So far I have only been working with the Blue and have not gotten far enough to take a picture. If these get “attention” this week, I will take a picture and try to post it.

It is nice to be working on other socks now! Also, DS has strict instructions that I WILL NOT KNIT the yarn from the S’mores socks into any other pattern if he outgrows them. I have too many other nice colors in my stash to work with and he’ll have to live with some of them. For now, he seems agreeable.


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