Garden and heat

The garden is closer to being all planted. This morning I planted 3 pepperoncini, 3 jalapeño, a hill of yellow squash, a hill of zucchini squash, a hill of pumpkin, and a row of beets. I need to plant carrots, radish, cabbage, and kohlrabi, as well as salad greens and peas. My herbs need to be transplanted into the front flower bed with the other herbs and my strawberries (8 plants now) will need to eventually go into larger pots to stay in the greenhouse this year.

The temperature is supposed to reach 88° before the end of the day. It is 83° right now so we may not get there. I think summer is here or trying to be here. The fans are in the windows and the ceiling fans are all switched to summer mode so we are set except for the few days–hopefully few–that we have to run the a/c. We are watering the peach and apple trees and I hope to have my garden watered again tonight where all the new stuff is planted. The onions are standing up better so we will see how they do.

That’s it for today. A bit of knitting on sock pair #3 this morning and hopefully I will get some done on pair #2 this evening while DS is riding his bicycle with his youth group this evening.



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